Experimet: How The Rule Of Reciprocation Binds Us


Mayweather is a fan of the Philippines 😀


Experimet: How The Rule Of Reciprocation Binds Us
‘The cards from that year came in all shapes and sizes, but the basic message was the same. The writers wanted Kunz to know that he and his family were cared for, and also they wanted to share their own news. They included pictures of family members and new homes and smiling graduates with freshly minted diplomas.

‘It all seems pretty normal, except for one thing: Kunz didn’t know any of them.

‘Kunz was a sociologist at Brigham Young University. Earlier that year he’d decided to do an experiment to see what would happen if he sent Christmas cards to total strangers…’

A Brief History of the Hilarious Wife Carrying World Championships
‘At the annual Wife Carrying World Championships in Sonkajärvi, Finland, male competitors race around a track hauling their female partners on their backs. Winner takes home his wife’s weight in beer.

‘It’s no ordinary racetrack, either. Competitors must wade through a neck-deep pool of water, climb over hurdles, and run through pits of sand before crossing the finish line.

‘While some participants don crazy costumes for the pre-race, the actual event is pretty straight-laced. Wives must weigh at least 49 kilograms (108 pounds). Any woman lighter than that is required to carry a heavy rucksack until she reaches this minimum. A participant who drops his wife will be penalized 15 seconds. But there is one catch: contestants don’t have to carry their own wives. A friend’s wife, stranger’s wife, or even a random grandmother will do – as long as she’s over 17…’

Famous Last Words Of: Jaime G. Jose, Basilio Pineda Jr., and Edgardo P. Aquino, convicted rapists.
‘They uttered these last words to the prison chaplain Hermenegildo Angeles shortly before they were executed by electric chair on May 17, 1972. The three, including Rogelio Canal who died of a drug overdose a year earlier, had been condemned to die for abducting and raping the young actress Maggie dela Riva on June 26, 1967.

‘The incident became one of the country’s most sensational rape cases ever, as dela Riva refused to back down in confronting the men who belonged to prominent and powerful families…’


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