The Swedish 666 Office‘Felicio de Costa, whose company is one of the tenants, arrives at the front door and holds his hand against it to gain entry. Inside he does the same thing to get into the office space he rents, and he can also wave his hand to operate the photocopier.

‘That’s all because he has a tiny RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip, about the size of a grain of rice, implanted in his hand. Soon, others among the 700 people expected to occupy the complex will also be offered the chance to be chipped. Along with access to doors and photocopiers, they’re promised further services in the longer run, including the ability to pay in the cafe with a touch of a hand…’

This is how easy it can be to get people’s medical information and credit card number
’90 percent offered up their name and gender but the most worrying part is that 27 percent entered details of medical conditions and their credit card number.

‘Luckily, the entire exercise was a part of a series of events for the College’s Data Protection Day, which took place yesterday. In an email to students, seen by TNW, the university’s Information Compliance Officer reassured anyone who took part that no personal data was actually collected or stored.

‘Still, the entire experiment is a welcome reminder to us all that we should be a little more reticent about offering up our personal information. Did we learn nothing from Jimmy Kimmel?…

Police Stations Increasingly Offer Safe Haven for Craigslist Transactions
If you still transact with Craiglist after this, you’re stupid

‘The police department in Columbia, Missouri, announced Wednesday that its lobby will be open 24/7 for people making Craigslist transactions or any type of exchange facilitated by Internet services. The decision fits into a broader trend that has been gaining traction over the past couple of years.

‘Internet listings like Craigslist are, of course, a quick and convenient way to buy, sell, barter, and generally deal with junk. But the worst part about using them is actually having to meet someone and navigate the moment of trust when money changes hands. The item being sold could be broken or fake, and the money being used to buy it could be counterfeit. Or something even more sinister could go on…’

How To Safely Share Passwords With Others Who Need Them
‘It’s easy to poke fun at companies that treat sensitive information recklessly, sending or receiving plaintext passwords via unencrypted email or chat, or storing customer information in ways that are far from secure. But it can be a logistical nightmare to let multiple remote employees log into a shared account in a secure fashion.

‘Luckily, there are a few options to make this a little easier. Here’s a quick run-through of some of the best options

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