300 SAF commandos refused to reinforce comrades

rappler.com-mamasapano-maguindanao-philippines-saf-20150128-011_31429837E67943A88FD5B0C468268E05Rappler even learned of a botched SAF operation to get Marwan in December 2014.

‘The elite cops tried to seek refuge in the cornstalks and some of the elevated portions of the soil by the river. They were well-trained and well-armed, each with 300 rounds of ammunition. But this was no match for the number of heavily armed men who surrounded them, pintakasi style (free for all). The bullets were coming from all sides.

‘About 300 SAF men remained by the roadside with the tanks of the Philippine military. Questions are now raised why they failed to reinforce their comrades…’

SAF heroes’ last text messages were pleas for help
‘Philippines–In their last moments before Moro rebels mowed them down, the ill-fated members of the elite Special Action Force (SAF) phoned and texted relatives and friends, pleading for help, asking them to tell their superiors that they had been surrounded and that they needed reinforcements.

‘Some appealed for cell phone loads. Another trooper, apparently fearing his hour had come, joined his mother on the other end of the phone and prayed the rosary with her.

‘Recto said the SAF commandos’ widows, mothers and other loved ones could provide added insights on what really transpired during the SAF operation to arrest a Malaysian terrorist hiding in Maguindanao province…’
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[New post] FBI confirms Marwan’s death
DNA match, as confirmed by FBI, proves Marwan was killed
‘On Wednesday afternoon, according to highly reliable News5 sources, the FBI sent a simple message to Philippine authorities: “DNA matched,” a signal that the process of verifying whether the sample obtained had indeed belonged to the Malaysian terrorist had been completed.

‘More detailed confirmation was provided to News5 in a statement from David Bowdich, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Los Angeles Field Office. “Although the results of the DNA examinations do not provide absolute identification, the results do support that the biological sample provided by Philippine authorities came from Marwan,” said Bowdich…’

WATCH: Sequence of events in Mamasapano clash according to AFP

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