Did you know that pigeon poop is a deadly poison?

express.co-248938Pigeon allergy, pneumonia claim life of 72-year-old
‘A HAMPSHIRE grandad has died after suffering from a pigeon allergy. Peter Willoughby allowed a friend to keep pigeons at the bottom of his garden and spent more than 25 years cleaning bird mess off windscreens at Ford.

‘But the 72-year-old did not know that an allergy to the birds was slowly killing him. It was not until years later that he found out that an allergy to the pigeons was scarring his lungs.

‘Last summer Peter was rushed to Southampton General Hospital, where he died on August 13, surrounded by family. ..’

Top 10 Richest Billionaires in the Philippines
So what are these people doing for humanity? One thing sure: they’re destroying ecology
‘The Philippines economy is one of the fastest growing in all of Asia, good news for the country’s billionaires, of which there are 16, according to Forbes’ latest rich list.

‘The top 50 richest people in the country have a total net worth of $74 billion (AU$93.2 billion) with many of the richest people in the Philippines starting from the bottom to make their billions. The top 10 billionaires in the Philippines have a net worth ranging from $2 billion up to over $12 billion with interests in everything from real estate to beer…’
Here’s our run down of the Filipino high flyers…

Teenager cut off his own HAND to try and cure internet addiction
He was not entirely foolish. He was just making sure
‘A Chinese teenager cut off his own hand in a drastic move to cure his internet addition. The 19-year-old from Nantong in the Jiangsu province was rushed to hospital after using a kitchen knife to severe his left hand.

‘Local broadcaster Jianngu TV reported that the youth had chopped his arm off while sitting on a public bench. The teenager’s mother had gone into his room last Wednesday night to find it empty with a note from her son…’

The original lydia’s paksiw na lechon recipe
A neighbor gave mom some paksiw na lechon yesterday. I tasted the sauce and I was suddenly back in 1972! The amount of vinegar and sugar was perfect. Lydia’s Lechon La Loma made lechon famous including the paksiw. I got this Pinterest recipe and I hope it’s exactly same as Lydia‘s:

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