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‘…you have fire in your ink, keep burning the pages for the inferno you have started will blossom in great flower.’ -from Anthony of

From Craig of
‘Maxed out in your profile Pocholo! You’re one of the best performers on EA and I look forward to following your content and missions! Swing by if you need any free computer help, my site has over 360 free video tutorials I have created and 80 free downloads I have found in my 15 years of IT.’

WP Comment Problems
Comments I submit and those sent to me are very valuable to me because those are where I express my approval and gratitude to followers and sites that I follow. Just recently this month (July 2012), I started noticing that comments I submit are not appearing on the sites I visit. I finally decided to ask Writerdood if he is receiving my comments. I was a bit shocked when he told me he was surprised to find my comments in his WordPress (WP) spam folder (I imagined how many of my comments were put to waste. Another follower confirmed the same). So back to WP Support, Contact, and Help which just made me worry more and wary. WP won’t allow me the contact form and when I submit the topic to WP forum, my topic gets automatically closed.

So if I follow your blog and/or you follow mine and notice my long-time silence, check your WP spam folder. You might be grateful too you had an opportunity to delete junk and speed up your site. I just hope what happened to me was not hacking for sabotage because if it was, I will not stop until I know who was responsible.

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