Blogging the Right Way

First off, stop believing that Content is King (quality). My experience continues to disprove that; and prove that quantity gets more traffic. I submit quality articles to paying sites they even get rejected. I submit them to non-paying sites and get accepted and gets more traffic. I’m not saying we stop creating quality content. What I’m saying is if you want traffic, forget quality and use quantity.


This post was first published by MillionClues  (Thanks Arun!) a long time ago. So I edited it and republished it here:

5 Responses to Blogging the Right Way

  1. DTI April says:

    Thanks for this. I’m blogging for fun at the moment, but it’s always good to have these ideas in the back of my mind, even if only to keep my blog interesting for my readers. Need to find ways of bringing people to my blog first – maybe I’m just not very interesting!


  2. writerdood says:

    Wow, I don’t follow these rules at all.
    But then I’d never planned on monetizing my blog.
    It’s just for fun, and maybe sort of an experiment.

    You would not BELIEVE the effort I have gone to in the past for fun. Once, I created an entire planet. No, not a real one, it was an online RPG. I spent years working with other people to create it. It was highly detained and incredible in scope. Then, one day, we all just got bored with it and left. Yes, we had fun, but it was just mental masturbation. I guess that’s kind of what blogging is to me. I write. I could write all day. In fact, I DO! Some people surf for pron. Me, I spew BS.

    But, I think for those interested in actually creating blogs that make money or get lots and lots of traffic, this article has some pretty good tips. I highly recommend it. I hadn’t even thought about posting at night. I usually post in the morning, because that’s when I get a chance to write a post.


    • pochp says:

      That’s the advantage of blogging for fun Dood -we don’t have to be careful with rules.
      With monetized blogs, it’s like walking on thin ice. One big mistake from you or your host, then your site is wasted!
      I wish we could collaborate on something for fun too like your experimental planet. Most of the fun I get is from experimenting with apps. Thanks for recommending this post.


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