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Pay James Patterson $300 Thousand and He’ll Destroy His Latest Novel

‘Having successfully transitioned from author to brand, the famed James Patterson is now trying a new business model: not writing at all. ‘He’s offering a unique opportunity for a single individual to pay $294,038 for the privilege of destroying the … Continue reading

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Primitive Retro-Hair Trend

Notice the hair? Same as the teen trend now isn’t it? That man was a tribal head-hunter during the 1940s. Add the ‘caveman’ short pants which is below the knees and the trend now too and we have primitives and … Continue reading

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Can Known Compete with WordPress or Blogspot?

This photo won the Grand Prize in a UN Photo Competition see link below IndieWeb advocates launch Known so bloggers can be social and still control their content ‘Does the world really need a new blogging platform? Haven’t we already … Continue reading

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Can Books be Really Hazardous to Your Health?

Study says reading Fifty Shades of Grey poses dangerous health risks It wouldn’t be so surprising if the books are Health or Fitness books. An author of a jogging and running book died while he himself was jogging. ‘A recent … Continue reading

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Twitter and Press Intimidation in Ferguson

‘…There are downsides to the way Twitter mediates events like Ferguson’s protests as well: Politico’s Alex Byers talked to several experts who said Twitter’s free-for-all nature fused with the chaos in Ferguson “to create an environment that spotlights startling developments … Continue reading

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A Guide to the Use and Abuse of Clichés

When you dub something as a best-kept-secret, you expose it—it’s no longer a secret ‘…lexicographer and linguistics researcher Orin Hargraves embarks on a quest to empower you to “proceed with the confidence that you have made peace with clichés through … Continue reading

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Is Still Reliable?

  Linus Torvalds is pissed at, starts a petition Philippines sent me an exclusive invitation to join Social Media Day celebration last June. It said ‘Entrance is free’. When I arrived at the venue,’s booth was nameless … Continue reading

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