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Pay James Patterson $300 Thousand and He’ll Destroy His Latest Novel

‘Having successfully transitioned from author to brand, the famed James Patterson is now trying a new business model: not writing at all. ‘He’s offering a unique opportunity for a single individual to pay $294,038 for the privilege of destroying the … Continue reading

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Insurance Ruined Man’s Penis Instead

Suit: Man’s Penis Ruined Thanks to His Insurer ‘On July 21, 2013, a nurse sent a fax to Collins’ insurer, Kaiser, according to the complaint. ‘”The fax stated that Rupert’s penis was red and swollen with what was described as … Continue reading

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3 Straight Days of Online gaming Kills Man

‘The man, identified by his family name Hsieh, was found slumped motionless in his chair in the cafe in Kaohsiung city. ‘Other patrons initially thought he was sleeping, but when an employee realised he was not breathing he was rushed … Continue reading

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Why Domestic Violence is More Dangerous

Police report: Girl, 15, says she was beaten by her brother before she shot him ‘Police say the 16-year-old son of Keith and Misty Sherree Kornegay was shot and killed by their 15-year-old daughter while the couple was out of … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality Comes to the Web

Maybe for Real This Time ‘A new, more accessible form of virtual reality delivered via the Web promises to let people experience digital worlds in 3-D using head-mounted displays connected to a variety of browser-enabled devices. Web VR is expected … Continue reading

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The Faulty Miller Obscenity Test

‘…As it turned out, people in Utah County, a place that often boasts of being the most conservative area in the nation, were disproportionately large consumers of the very videos that prosecutors had labeled obscene and illegal. And far more … Continue reading

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Why Non-Tech-Savvy Criminals Should Keep Offline

Frein Used Unsecured WiFi While Evading Police ‘In Barrett Township, part of the former search area for Frein for all those days, just driving down the road you can find a few open WiFi signals. Once connected without a password, … Continue reading

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