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Terrorists Using Social Media to Find Targets

Feds to US Troops: ISIS May Use Social Media to Find You ‘In a joint intelligence bulletin issued overnight by the FBI with the Department of Homeland Security, officials strongly urged those who serve in uniform to scrub their social … Continue reading

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Students with sexy FB photos Barred from Graduating

These students also ruined the reputation of St. Theresa’s College ‘The SC said there was no violation of privacy of the two students when their school, the St. Theresa College, penalized them for uploading the photographs allegedly showing them wearing … Continue reading

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UberFacts Makes $500K Off Twitter

‘It’s a blindingly sunny morning in October, and Sanchez, founder of the uber-popular Twitter account UberFacts, is sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe in Beverly Hills showing me a feature on the about-to-be-released UberFacts Android app. (An iOS app already … Continue reading

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Beware of New Law on Social Media

Uploading of private sexual videos, images, and even text messages on social media, to be made a criminal offense ‘The new Criminal Justice and Courts Bill will have an amendment dealing specifically with the practice. “‘We want those who fall … Continue reading

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Who Says Google and Apple are Pro-NSA?

FBI Doesn’t Like iOS 8 and Android Encryption Features ‘Apple and Google are both touting new security features inside iOS 8 and Android L. The former makes it much harder for authorities to gain access to parts of your phone, … Continue reading

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How Translation Amplifies Ideas

‘Shortly after model Geena Rocero gave the TED Talk “Why I must come out,” she was Skyping with an LGBTQ activist in Hong Kong. This activist mentioned how powerful it would be for Chinese speakers to be able to watch … Continue reading

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Cal Smartphone Kill Switch Law Could Affect You

‘…With smartphone crime becoming epidemic everywhere, other states are likely watching California intently now, possibly to follow its cue. To get some perspective on what that means for the everyday consumer, let’s start with some fundamentals. (5 Things To Know … Continue reading

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