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What the Real Meaning of ‘Judas Goat’ is

‘Beginning in 1997, professional training of a team of highly skilled park wardens from Galapagos began. By the end of the project, this team would become one of the best hunting and eradication teams worldwide. ‘The modern, high-tech hunting methods … Continue reading

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Live: Siege at Sydney’s Martin Place [Video]

A summary of the facts we have at the moment: ~The siege began at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place at about 9.44am, when members of the public called police after seeing a man with a gun enter the … Continue reading

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Fight Typhoon Interference on Your Phone

5 things mobile phone owners should do to ensure uninterrupted service during typhoon ‘PLDT Manila said it is prepositioning restoration equipment and personnel in the Visayas, Southern Luzon and Northern Mindanao regions — all of which are on the path … Continue reading

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Ex Security Service Director ‘Ignored security advice’

Pierson Wanted Secret Service ‘More Like Disney’: Staff ‘…Pierson was elevated to the top spot 18 months ago to put an end to business as usual, after a dozen agents were implicated in a night of carousing with prostitutes in … Continue reading

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Overlords of the ‘Overworld’

see battleforthenet story Is the Underworld the problem? Or is it the ‘Overworld’? When will it be when ‘underworld’ is mentioned, it means the government? Just scan and Activist Post to see how much the Overworld rules. You can … Continue reading

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Do You Need To Get Yourself a Pseudonym?

‘…This may be useful to you even if you aren’t, like Ms. Donath, a public figure with a reputation to uphold. Potential bosses or suitors will be Googling you, you can be sure of that, and it may not be … Continue reading

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Westboro Targets Robin Williams’ Funeral

Fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church will picket Williams funeral just because he played a gay man in film The Birdcage ‘An American extremist family church group has announced its intention to picket the forthcoming funeral of actor Robin Williams, who killed … Continue reading

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