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Did you know that pigeon poop is a deadly poison?

Pigeon allergy, pneumonia claim life of 72-year-old ‘A HAMPSHIRE grandad has died after suffering from a pigeon allergy. Peter Willoughby allowed a friend to keep pigeons at the bottom of his garden and spent more than 25 years cleaning bird … Continue reading

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Facebook Gets Famous Dog a Rich Owner [Video]

Labrador walks 30 miles to family who rejected her; gets adopted by heiress ‘The recently-famous aging black Labrador walked 30 miles back to his Kansas family and then left on a private jet to her new home in Florida. ‘Formerly … Continue reading

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Lack of Preservatives Unsafe but Toxic Levels Isn’t!?

Velveeta Recalled in a Dozen States Over Lack of Preservatives Would Kraft Foods stupidly allow their products to be unsafe? Not likely right? So who’s the idiot who thought so? ‘Velveeta, a processed cheese that some say would survive the … Continue reading

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A Case Against Anonymous Complaint Websites

Where you could be the next victim ‘Jennifer Creed, who owns A+ Pet Vet and Dr. Jenn’s Ragdolls, on April 4 filed a lawsuit against John Does 1-5. In the lawsuit, Creed requested unspecified damages and that the defendants be … Continue reading

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Ugly Pictures of Human Smuggling

Smugglers held more than 100 inside squalid Houston ‘stash house’ ‘…The phone call to police was a plea to help save a family held by smugglers. But when authorities raided the south Harris County home which they believed held the … Continue reading

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Parrot Identifies Owner’s Murderer

The parrot’s name is Hercule. Might be named after fiction crime/mystery hero Poirot ‘An Indian journalist managed to catch the person who killed his wife after getting a tip off – from their pet parrot. ‘Vijay Sharma, the editor of … Continue reading

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When a Friend Tells You Not to Marry Someone…

Listen to that friend A friend was marrying his bride and introduced us. That was the first time I saw fire in someone’s eyes. She just glared at me and said nothing. I couldn’t tell my friend not to marry … Continue reading

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