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A Notable Day with My Local Government

Originally posted on WP Writers Group:
English: Local government hierarchy in the Philippines. The dashed lines emanating from the president means that the president only exercises general supervision on local government. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I went to our Manila local…

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Is Your Gadget Fake?

How To Spot A Fake iPhone And Other Phony Tech Gadgets ‘Counterfeiters sell $700 billion worth of fake products every year, says Craig Crosby, founder and CEO of the Counterfeit Report, a site dedicated to stopping them, ‘And when it … Continue reading

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Spying on a Taxonomist

Herpetologist Edward Taylor first travelled to the Philippines in 1912 to work as a teacher. Colleagues began to suspect him as a spy because he often went on field trips to conflict zones. Indeed he worked with the organization that … Continue reading

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Text Recipients Can Be Liable In Driving Accidents

What that means is if you continue texting with someone who is driving and the driver gets into an accident, you can be legally guilty ‘Drivers in New Jersey were left stunned, after state Appeals Court judges found that when … Continue reading

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NSA and Websites’ Terms of Service

You Probably Agreed to NSA Snooping When You Accepted That Website’s Terms of Service ‘Tucked away in those long paragraphs of legalese on pretty much every major Internet website (including is a clause about how a business will handle … Continue reading

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Promoting Homosexuality in Children’s Schools

They finally STEPPED OVER THE LINE. When will the world system ban heterosexuality next!!? I won’t even be surprised if there’s already a conspiracy to make that happen. The only good thing about it was only 61% supported the proposal … Continue reading

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Is Morality Without Religion Possible?

I don’t see why that has to be ‘an experiment that’s never been tried’. Isn’t it enough knowing someone who is an atheist but is more moral than religionists? ‘…de Waal’s argument, which he has been making for years, is … Continue reading

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