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What the Real Meaning of ‘Judas Goat’ is

‘Beginning in 1997, professional training of a team of highly skilled park wardens from Galapagos began. By the end of the project, this team would become one of the best hunting and eradication teams worldwide. ‘The modern, high-tech hunting methods … Continue reading

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Insurance Ruined Man’s Penis Instead

Suit: Man’s Penis Ruined Thanks to His Insurer ‘On July 21, 2013, a nurse sent a fax to Collins’ insurer, Kaiser, according to the complaint. ‘”The fax stated that Rupert’s penis was red and swollen with what was described as … Continue reading

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Can you get to Interstate 5 North?

A civic-minded artist made sure you can. ‘A North panel and 5 shield were fabricated and attached to the existing overhead sign because the information was missing. ‘It was done as an art project, without permission, called Guerrilla Public Service. … Continue reading

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Does Being a Brave Saudi Blogger Pay?

‘Badawi will be given 50 more lashes outside a mosque in his home city of Jeddah unless a Saudi prison doctor determines he is not yet fit to face the punishment owing to injuries sustained last Friday. If nothing changes, … Continue reading

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Rabbit Island

​ A Japanese holiday resort for radioactive bunnies? ‘Situated in the East Sea/Inland Sea of Japan, the small island is occupied by hundreds of wild rabbits that roam the forests and paths, chase tourists, appear in viral videos and just … Continue reading

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The Power of Social Networking (Texting)

Man Hiding in Building Sent Texts to Help Paris Cops ‘The 26-year-old graphic designer, who has been named in reports as Lilian Lepere, took refuge “under a sink in the canteen” upstairs at the business in Dammartin-en-Goele, according to Paris … Continue reading

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Annual Physical Check-ups Worthless

‘Around 45 million Americans are likely to have a routine physical this year — just as they have for many years running. A poke here, a listen there, a few tubes of blood, maybe an X-ray, a few reassuring words … Continue reading

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