Simple Female Intuition Saved JC Dugard

[Read updates at the bottom -June 2011]

Jaycee Dugard was 11 years old in 1991 when she was abducted while waiting for a school bus in South Lake Tahoe. The Garridos are accused of raping her and confining her and the daughters she gave birth to when she was 14 and 17 to a hidden shack or tent behind their home.

According to Wikipedia, ‘intuition’ may refer to:
1. Intuition (philosophy), the act by which the mind perceives the agreement or disagreement of two ideas
2. Intuition (knowledge), understanding without apparent effort.

I would like to paraphrase the second definition as ‘Perceiving without Reasoning’. The scientific term for ‘intuitive’ is ‘subliminal’. Psychologists have always contrasted the masculine ‘analytical’ mind against the ‘intuitive’ feminine. And law enforcers never cease arguing about that issue. Most depend and rely on reasoning and analysis since most officers are ‘masculine’ men.

Intuition is tactical – tactical meaning the reflexive and mostly quick reaction to a given event. Analytics is strategic – strategic meaning planned course of action. It’s easy to see which would save lives on live battles and accidents.

Security expert Gavin DeBecker is masculine but is a rare and avid defender of ‘intuition’ in his book The Gift of Fear. Now let’s go on to how simple female intuition saved JC Dugard.
If you think only covert criminals are idiots, read this one:
‘Worst idea of the day (year?) so far: A horror-porn director plans to make a film about kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard and her relationship with accused abductor—and rapist—Phillip Garrido. A spokesperson for Dugard called the idea “exploitive, hurtful, and breathtakingly unkind” after filmmaker Shane Ryan told a Sacramento TV station he plans to start work on Abducted Girl, An American Sex Slave next month.

‘Ryan, whom the Huffington Post calls a “pornographer” and the AP refers to as a “director of low-budget horror movies,” has previously made Amateur Porn Star Killer and Romance Road Killers, among others.’ –AP

SF Chronicles suspects JC suffered from Stockholm Syndrome:
‘Kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard lied to a suspicious parole officer in a desperate bid to protect her abductor when she was discovered, according to just-released report of her questioning. Jaycee, kidnapped when she was 11 in her northern California town, called herself Alyssa and presented herself as Phillip Garrido’s wife. She laughingly explained that she was often mistaken as someone young enough to be the sister of her daughters, fathered by Garrido.

‘She became angry under repeated questioning and insisted Garrido was a “great person” and “good” father, despite his previous arrests for rape and kidnapping. She then switched her story, first explaining that she was an abused wife on the run, then finally admitting her real identity as the girl missing for 18 years. The exchange is a chilling revelation of the likely effects of Stockholm syndrome, notes the San Francisco Chronicle.’

After 18 years of hell:
‘KIDNAP girl Jaycee Lee Dugard shows she can smile again after her 18 years of hell.
With mum Terry Probyn by her side, she’s making strides just two months after her release.
A family pal said: “You’d never guess the nightmare she’s been through.
“She’s a sweet girl and kind. She has real innocence in her eyes.”

In our exclusive snaps, Jaycee, 29, and Terry, 50, are seen walking hand-in-hand and leafing through photos.
She is also shown with half-sister Shayna, 19, and with Angel, 15, and Starlite, 11 – her daughters by her alleged captor Phillip Garrido.

‘The girls’ backs are to camera to preserve their identity. Jaycee, now living at a secret location, was held in a compound at convicted rapist Garrido’s home in Antioch, California after disappearing when she was 11.

Garrido, 58, and his wife Nancy, 54, deny kidnap, rape and false imprisonment.’ –

Jaycee’s daughters now know that she’s not their sister but their mom:
Hello! magazine offers another glimpse at kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard as an adult, riding horseback and posing with mother Terry Probyn. Sources close to the family say Dugard is bonding with her mother and 19-year-old half-sister, and that Dugard’s two “smart, playful” daughters—who were always told she was their sister—now know she is their mother, the Telegraph reports.

“Meeting her, if you didn’t know what happened, you would never guess in a million years,” one friend says. “She’s friendly, she jokes, she’s a sweet girl and very kind. She also has a real innocence in her eyes.” Another says of her daughters, “Because of the unconditional, protective love she showed them when they thought she was their big sister, it’s more a case of switching titles—the love is still there.”
—Evann Gastaldo Sources: Daily Telegraph (UK), Hello!

Meanwhile, these might be the first words from JC after she was freed from Garrido:
She wants her pets back. That includes two dogs, five cats and several birds.

So it was simple female intuition again that led to the Duggard case solution:
‘Two UC Berkeley police officers broke the Jaycee Duggard case open this week after her alleged captor visited the campus, People reports. “He was clearly unstable,” UC officer Lisa Campbell said of Phillip Garrido. Campbell had a background check run on him and discovered he was a sex offender. When she met with Garrido and his daughters the next day, Campbell’s colleague Ally Jacobs joined in.

‘Jacobs didn’t buy it when Garrido said his “life had changed” after doing time for rape and kidnapping years before—especially because his two girls “sat there with no emotion.” Her suspicions appeared confirmed when Garrido’s parole officer told her he didn’t have any daughters. Garrido then met with his parole officer and admitted to kidnapping Jaycee Duggard and having two daughters with her. “I’m glad the horrible ordeal is over,” says Jacobs, “but there’s a long road ahead.”‘ Wesley Oliver Source: People

JC Dugard to Give First Interview to Diane Sawyer
The interview and release of Dugard’s book is scheduled next month -AP | Jun 8, 2011

Helping Jaycee Dugard and Daughters
If you want to help JC and her daughters, you can buy the Kindle ebook Lost and Found here: -

Meanwhile, Jaycee’s diary might just be the bomb that will blow the defense for the Garridos because JC wrote in the diary, ‘I want to be free’:
‘California prosecutors today made public excerpts of a journal kept by Jaycee Dugard during her 18 years of captivity. The entries show a yearning for freedom but also demonstrate the amount of control Phillip Garrido wielded over her, reports MSNBC. “How can I ever tell him I want to be free,” she wrote at one point. “Free to come and go as I please. … Free to say I have a family. I will never cause him pain if it’s in my power to prevent it. FREE.”

‘Another entry, from 2004: “It feels like I’m sinking. … This is supposed to be my life to do with what I like … but once again he has taken it away. How many times is he allowed to take it away from me?” In 1993, two years after he kidnapping, she wrote: “I got (a cat) for my birthday from Phil and Nancy … they did something for me that no one else would do for me, they paid 200 dollars just so I could have my own kitten.”’ –MSNBC

What do you think of this statement from Deputy Public Defender Susan Gellman?:
‘What I’m saying is they (Garridos) raised these kids as their kids, and whatever decision they make with how they are going to proceed in this case, whether they go to trial or don’t go to trial, is going to affect these kids.’

Since the Dugards were moved to a safehouse, attorneys for the Garridos also filed motions asking the prosecution to tell them where Jaycee Dugard is living now and the name of her attorney so that they can contact her prior to the trial.

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