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A Scoop + SEO + Digital Media = Big Publication

A scoop is the first acquisition of an exclusive news story. This is the story of a local paper’s scoop on the Christie Scandal and how it generated increased popularity and revenue. This could happen to your blog or website … Continue reading

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Murdering Psychos Produced by Stupidity

‘The evil stupidity that created him.’ That is a line from a crime fiction book of Caleb Carr and he was referring to stupid parents. And I bet you know or met one psycho or serial killer without even knowing … Continue reading

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BP’s Gulf Cleanup Spawns ‘Spillionaires’

Instead of recovering from the economic ruin brought by the BP disaster, corruption continues and people are getting rich from it. ‘Some people profiteered from the spill by charging BP outrageous rates for cleanup. Others profited from BP claims money, … Continue reading

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UN Considering Internet Control

This might be the biggest reaction to Wikileaks. ‘The United Nations is considering whether to set up an inter-governmental working group to harmonise global efforts by policy makers to regulate the internet. ‘Establishment of such a group has the backing … Continue reading

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