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Read Your Web Subscriptions in Custom Newspaper

Put blogs and articles into print and get a personal paper delivered in 3-5 business days. ‘Print journalism is making a comeback with PaperLater, a new app that allows users to design newspapers using their favorite online content. The app, … Continue reading

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Posted Hospital Bill Online Goes Viral

See Why Everyone’s Talking About It ‘A 20 year-old man came down with appendicitis in October last year. He posted the bill on Reddit and it has gone viral. The US Health Care system is a topic of much debate, … Continue reading

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Texting Makes Employees More Productive

That legitimizes Twitter to be allowed at work since Twitter is virtually a texting service right? ‘Even though it might seem like smartphones would hamper workplace productivity — thanks to their ability to make telephone calls, surf the Internet and … Continue reading

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Why Credit Hacks will Keep Happening

‘In recent years, more than 80 countries have upgraded to credit cards embedded with microchips. Cards with chips are inconceivably difficult to counterfeit, and there’s added security in every swipe: Terminals require a user’s PIN, and the information on the … Continue reading

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Businessman: ‘US government stealing our ideas’

‘”They stole all my stuff and used taxpayer money to do it,”  John Hnatio, a Maryland small business owner, says of the U.S. government. ‘Hnatio claims the government has put his company, FoodquestTQ, nearly out of business by stealing his … Continue reading

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Make Sure Your Heirs Will Inherit your Digital Assets

Digital assets could be lost to heirs unless they are part of an estate plan ‘Many digital assets are owned through a license that is limited to the account-holder and nontransferable. The license may cease to exist when the account-holder … Continue reading

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Deceptive Credit Card Charges

Deceptive Credit Card Charges   Outrageous Lies Companies Are Legally Allowed to Tell You ‘If you tell people that advertisers lie, they’ll roll their eyes and say, “DUH! That’s what advertising is, you naive buffoon!” But then those same people … Continue reading

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