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Facebook Paternity Notice Not Legal in Oklahoma

‘Notification via Facebook message does not satisfy a man’s constitutional right to be informed that he fathered a child, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled. ‘The biological parents in question broke off contact after a sexual relationship that lasted from August … Continue reading

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Why You Get Unfriended on Facebook

I rarely unfriend a friend or acquaintance in FB but I do—when a user posts nothing but family matters and fav subject that never changes. So if I unfriend you, be assured it’s nothing malicious ‘…Sibona searches Twitter for mentions … Continue reading

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Why Resentment Against Super-Rich Is Increasing

Income inequality isn’t about the rich — it’s about the rest of us Great logic by Catherine Rampell ‘People don’t hate you because you’re beautiful. People hate you because they are getting uglier. ‘Use that logic, substituting income for attractiveness, … Continue reading

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Facebook Photo Privacy Breach Update

Whenever FB locks my account ‘for security reasons’ (this is the second time), it makes sure I clear myself the hard way. And a weird coincidence about this is FB used photos to validate me while Randi Zuckerberg’s FB photo … Continue reading

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The Right to Be Forgotten

European Lawmakers Want it on Facebook, Google ‘European Internet users may be getting better control over information posted online, thanks to some proposed sweeping reforms lawmakers proposed Wednesday designed to protect digital privacy. ‘The suggested law calls for a “right … Continue reading

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