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How to use the Internet of Things for Murder

‘Imagine a fleet of quad copters or drones equipped with explosives and controlled by terrorists. Or someone who hacks into a connected insulin pump and changes the settings in a lethal way. Or maybe the hacker who accesses a building’s … Continue reading

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Why You Get Unfriended on Facebook

I rarely unfriend a friend or acquaintance in FB but I do—when a user posts nothing but family matters and fav subject that never changes. So if I unfriend you, be assured it’s nothing malicious ‘…Sibona searches Twitter for mentions … Continue reading

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Avoid Being Attacked in G Glass

Another Google Glass Wearer Attacked in San Francisco If this incident was a random mugging attempt, or yet another signal highlighting the growing tensions between San Francisco’s tech haves and have-nots, then the solution is simple: Do not wear (flaunt) … Continue reading

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Google Glass Etiquette Rows Go Viral

Battle over Google Glass etiquette erupts in another Seattle diner ‘Google Glass has been available to early adopters for nearly nine months, and some merchants are doing their best to keep it out of their establishments. Nick Starr, a network engineer … Continue reading

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