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Primitive Retro-Hair Trend

Notice the hair? Same as the teen trend now isn’t it? That man was a tribal head-hunter during the 1940s. Add the ‘caveman’ short pants which is below the knees and the trend now too and we have primitives and … Continue reading

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Ireland Joins Occupy Movement

Isn’t it funny that 2 US economists won the Nobel while most of America is in revolt over US economy? (link below) ‘Occupy Dame Street, an Irish protest outside the Central Bank headquarters is gathering momentum as more protesters join … Continue reading

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A Very Unusual Fourth of July

US Sizzling in Record Heat The heat was so intense that the fireworks were canceled and the skiers ski in shorts and bikini. ‘Ski resorts from California to Colorado opened for the weekend to take advantage of an unusual combination … Continue reading

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Food Kills One Person Every 2 Hours

Antibiotics Will Poison Us All ‘The deaths of 31 people in Europe from a little-known strain of E. coli have raised alarms worldwide, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Our food often betrays us. Just a few days ago, a 2-year-old girl in Dryden, Va., … Continue reading

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Now it’s IMF in ‘Major Breach’

Just days after Citibank admitted it was victimized by hacking. This reminded me of Wikileaks’ threat that it would go after the corporate world next. But Wikileaks meant exposure, not hacking. ‘The International Monetary Fund, still struggling to find a new … Continue reading

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The Open Court -updated

Live Court Proceedings Comes To the Internet John Davidow, executive editor in charge of new media at WBUR, and supporters, claims that the traditional window into courts — journalism — no longer has the resources it once had. ‘Today, an … Continue reading

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Europe, US on Brink of Social Revolt -edited

The world is in grip of ‘Great Recession’, it said. The IMF also fears ‘social explosion’ from world jobs crisis. ‘America and Europe face the worst jobs crisis since the 1930s and risk “an explosion of social unrest” unless they … Continue reading

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