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A Scoop + SEO + Digital Media = Big Publication

A scoop is the first acquisition of an exclusive news story. This is the story of a local paper’s scoop on the Christie Scandal and how it generated increased popularity and revenue. This could happen to your blog or website … Continue reading

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Gender Problem in Twitter Journalism

“Reshaping the old rules and hegemonic structures that dominate story content and push-through onto Twitter may be needed to make way for the diversity of voices that can better serve democracy.” ‘The study analyzes 2,731 tweets from journalists (26 men, … Continue reading

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How Can We Disavow ‘Facts’?

Major Revisions That Reshape Science and History The discovery of a new body part – corneal layer – is a good example of the need for major revisions ‘The death of certain theories doesn’t mean that scientists and historians are … Continue reading

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Things a PC Can Do and a Tablet Cannot

‘At PCWorld, we wonder how humankind would survive on tablets alone. Tablets are great for casual Web browsing and catching up on email, but can they deliver everything we need in the so-called post-PC era? ‘Before you answer, walk with … Continue reading

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Assange Slams Leaked WikiLeaks Film Script

‘Julian Assange says he has obtained a leaked copy of the script for The Fifth Estate, a DreamWorks film about the maverick computer expert and his famed secret-busting site. ‘In a speech via videolink before the Oxford Union debating society … Continue reading

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The Devil You Don’t Know

The Illusion of Charity Live Aid 2005 was the most successful concert for charity that raised more than 50 million pounds. But aid expert David Rieff argues that the guilt-stricken donations helped fund a brutal resettlement programme that may have … Continue reading

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Is Wikileaks the Best Disclosure Site?

According to GigaOm, it is. Compare it yourself with Cryptome.org, PublicIntelligence.net and Cryptocomb.org ‘By now, anyone with even a passing interest in the WikiLeaks phenomenon is familiar with most of the elements of its fall from grace: the rift between … Continue reading

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