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Manipulation of Words… and People

‘In a statement with which Mark Twain would enthusiastically nod in agreement and George Orwell would second, Philip Dick admonishes against the way media manipulators deliberately create pseudo-realities by engineering words: The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is … Continue reading

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Laser Weapons as Old as Falklands War

The Royal Navy deployed laser weapons during the Falklands War ‘Despite recent demonstrations by the US Navy, we still think of laser weapons as being things of the future. However, previously-classified British documents prove that not only were the major … Continue reading

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Music Industry’s New Grammar Rules

Music grammar rules aims to make songs easier to find ‘Released last month at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers’ annual convention, rock ‘n’ roll’s new rule book aims to establish basic rules for data entry in the fragmenting world … Continue reading

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Why Hackers are Targeting Hollywood

How Digital Insurgents Are Disrupting Film Aaron Swartz‘s ‘fundamental opponents were the perverse influences behind today’s copyright laws.’ ‘…Hollywood, the principal patron behind SOPA/PIPA, was first formed more than a century ago because a few rogue artists wanted to get … Continue reading

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Your Shopping Confirmation Bias

It Causes You to Waste Money on Things You Don’t Need ‘Confirmation bias is one of the worst biases we have. You believe your opinion is based on years of objective analysis, right? In reality, your opinion is nothing more … Continue reading

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Online Bullying Kills 2 Sisters

‘The teenage sister of a schoolgirl who died by suicide less than two months ago, has also died. ‘Shannon Gallagher, 15, who paid emotional tributes following 13-year-old Erin’s death, was found dead in Co Donegal last night. It is believed … Continue reading

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Royal Hoax Nurse Found Dead

DJs in Royal Hoax Taken Off Air Did she commit suicide? Should the DJs involved be liable? ‘The Australian radio presenters who made a prank call to the hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge three days before the nurse who … Continue reading

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