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How the World will Look Like as One Continent

How the World will Look Like as One Continent   The Dream Box in our Brain Why do we have dreams that repeat over and over? ‘When you learn facts about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, they register … Continue reading

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Lessons From the Tropics

Perceived as an oasis, lush with green vegetation, relaxing beaches, cool waterfalls, and ample time to relax, the stereotype which drives so many to the tropics is actually quite correct. However, there are subtler movements in the jungles of Costa … Continue reading

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We are Now an Interstellar Species

‘In recent months it has appeared likely that Voyager 1, a probe launched in 1977, has gone beyond our solar system but now it’s official: the spacecraft has left the building. ‘This makes it the first human-made object to move … Continue reading

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Crazy Small Idea Makes Author Famous

the story The Power of Small Cash Incentives It makes political partisans more truthful in contrast with bribes ‘In the real world, there’s little penalty for getting this sort of a question wrong. It’s unlikely anyone will correct you, and … Continue reading

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Pandora’s Coffin

Why letting ‘sleeping dogs lie’ is often right. Hate mail could be fatal and had driven people to suicide ‘The head of historic British church York Minster has contacted police after receiving hate mail, intensifying the row over where the … Continue reading

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The First Website in 1991

This was where the phrase ‘World Wide Web’ came from Most of the world remained ignorant of this monumental development until the Mosaic browser debuted in 1993. ‘“The WorldWideWeb (W3) is a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give … Continue reading

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When Police Try to Kidnap Your Child

What do you do and say? Watch this man accuse 5 officers of kidnapping and how they took total defeat youtu.be New York Now the Cybercrime State Beware Digital Citizens ‘Think twice next time you need money from a curbside … Continue reading

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