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ProXPN Virtual Private Network

Do you use or plan to use a VPN service? ProXPN will save you money or give you better service. ProXPN has been written up in Fox News, Cnet, LifeHacker, BBC, PC World, ZDNet and recently, Steve Gibson of TWiT … Continue reading

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The Rehabilitation and Science of Nostalgia

‘For nearly the last decade my colleagues and I have been striving to answer these and other unanswered questions about nostalgia. We were specifically interested in resolving the questions of what characterizes the experience of nostalgia, what effects (positive or … Continue reading

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Discovery: Molecular Switch for Old Brains

Molecular switch to make old brains young again ‘It’s no secret that juvenile brains are more malleable and able to learn new things faster than adult ones – just ask any adult who has tried to learn a new language. … Continue reading

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Great Ad Tool: Links to Pull You In

Amazon Patents Gravity-Based Links to Pull You In One downside to touchscreens is whenever you hit the wrong button or link, you still miss your target link or button even if you tap repeatedly. Amazon solved that. It looks like … Continue reading

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The VPN for Fighting Internet Shutdown

They can slow down or shut off your internet connection without any due process, claiming copyright infringement. We can all boycott the Six Strikes “Copyright Alert System.” Everyone needs to get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) right now. This is … Continue reading

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The Least Stressful Jobs

Majority comes from fashion ‘According to a new survey of research by the University of Wisconsin for CareerCast.com, seamstresses, jewelers and hairstylists are among the least stressed-out in the workforce. ‘Though university professor was ranked the least stressful job (largely … Continue reading

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Top Tech Breakthroughs of 2012

‘As a regular reader of ExtremeTech, most of these landmark achievements were familiar to me, but there were a few I totally missed. Indeed, you may have heard about the Higgs Boson and the coming 3D printing boom, but what … Continue reading

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