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Virtual Reality Comes to the Web

Maybe for Real This Time ‘A new, more accessible form of virtual reality delivered via the Web promises to let people experience digital worlds in 3-D using head-mounted displays connected to a variety of browser-enabled devices. Web VR is expected … Continue reading

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Will You Join The Virtual Reality World?

If there is one thing you should learn besides computer and online safety, it’s about VR (virtual reality) How VR came back ‘from the dead’ ‘By the late 1990s, the hype surrounding consumer VR had all but fizzled out. For … Continue reading

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How to Join TED Conversations

Are you bored and exasperated with your chat forums? I’ve left dozens of them and had been a regular at TED Conversations. Here’s how to join a TED convo or even start your own easily: 1. Create your account with … Continue reading

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