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‘Too Big to Jail’ Not Immune Anymore?

Two Giant Banks, Seen as Immune, Become Targets ‘Federal prosecutors are nearing criminal charges against some of the world’s biggest banks, according to lawyers briefed on the matter, a development that could produce the first guilty plea from a major … Continue reading

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The Truth about TARP

The free money for crooked bankers program Neil Barofsky talks about the bank bailouts, the Troubled Asset Relief Program, and the “pot of gold at the end of the Wall Street rainbow.” Neil Barofsky is the former Special Inspector General … Continue reading

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New Lethal ‘Distracted Doctoring’

A new threat to surgery patients But phoning while driving still seems more lethal ‘Hospitals and doctors’ offices, hoping to curb medical error, have invested heavily to put computers, smartphones and other devices into the hands of medical staff for … Continue reading

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It’s Now Cancer vs. Terrorists

46% Say Scrap X-Ray Scanners. What would you vote? ‘Even if X-ray body scanners would prevent terrorists from smuggling explosives onto planes, nearly half of Americans still oppose using them because they could cause a few people to eventually develop … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Entertainment

Occupy CD Will Rock This Winter ‘Participants in the protest movement said Wednesday that they are putting out a benefit album with music from Third Eye Blind, David Crosby and Graham Nash, Jackson Browne, Lucinda Williams, DJ Logic, Ladytron and … Continue reading

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OWS Day of Action Recap

‘Yesterday was Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action, and it began with an attempt to shut down the New York Stock Exchange. It was unsuccessful—the bell rang on time. At 3 p.m., thousands gathered in Union Square for the city-wide … Continue reading

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The End of YouTube?

Can you imagine the Internet without YouTube? Banning YouTube (YT) from the Net is tantamount to crippling online education and business. It’s just fortunate that YT is a subsidiary of Google. An attack on YT is an attack on Google. … Continue reading

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