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Student Fights NYU Prof Over Zuccotti Assignment

College Humor ‘Sara Ackerman, an unhinged New York University undergraduate student, completely lost it over the course of seven huge e-mails to professors and deans protesting an assigned ethnography of Zuccotti Park. So opposed to Occupy Wall Street was Ackerman … Continue reading

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Monitor 2012 U.S. Elections Easily

Google.com/Elections ‘The site enables voters, journalists and campaigns to quickly sort through election info by popularity, race or issues. People can also check out the Trends Dashboard to take the web’s real-time political pulse by comparing candidates’ YouTube video views, … Continue reading

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OWS Day of Action Recap

‘Yesterday was Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action, and it began with an attempt to shut down the New York Stock Exchange. It was unsuccessful—the bell rang on time. At 3 p.m., thousands gathered in Union Square for the city-wide … Continue reading

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Protesters Paint-Bomb Hillary Clinton’s Car

‘Filipino security men and at least one American jumped out with automatic rifles drawn after about 50 protesters kicked their vehicles and hurled red paint on the cars, but no shots were fired, the photographer said. ‘US embassy spokeswoman Bettina … Continue reading

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The End of YouTube?

Can you imagine the Internet without YouTube? Banning YouTube (YT) from the Net is tantamount to crippling online education and business. It’s just fortunate that YT is a subsidiary of Google. An attack on YT is an attack on Google. … Continue reading

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Occupy NY Should Declare Victory

Adbusters suggests Occupy Wall Street “Declare ‘Victory’” and retreat for winter ‘Adbusters, the Canadian anti-capitalist magazine that helped spark Occupy Wall Street, suggests in a new “tactical briefing” on its blog that protesters in lower Manhattan “declare ‘victory’” and wind … Continue reading

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Cramped Occupied Spaces

If you’re planning to ‘live-in’ at any Occupied camp, better check first for available space ‘The Occupy Wall Street protesters are confronting a classic Manhattan problem: lots of people, not a lot of space. ‘So they’re solving it in classic … Continue reading

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