The Picasso Anthology

You can try buying The Picasso Anthology at Kobo if you don’t like creating a user account here.

Poch Peralta’s first eBook, The Picasso Anthology, is published by Amazon. The ebook is a compilation of short stories comprising of most sub-genres of crime fiction i.e., cozy (humorous), police procedural, hard-boiled, etc. The style of the book is comparable to Jeffrey Archer’s ‘A Twist in the Tale’ which is also a collection of short stories.

Amazon Kindle II

Image by richardmasoner via Flickr

The eBook is also available now at BookRix – ISBN: 978-3-95500-306-7. It costs less at $1.49 but more organized than the Amazon edition.

The Picasso Anthology - BookRixReal friends buy the books of their author friend so please prove your friendship. $1.49 is virtually nothing between friends right? Wouldn’t hurt you even if you don’t read the ebook. And I’m not after your money anyway but the promotion of the book. I’m thanking you in advance 🙂

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