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Facebook Dumbly Thinks It’s as Big as Google

Facebook Dumbly Thinks It’s as Big as Google It will do the way Google tracks us Privacy groups call for action to stop Facebook’s off site user tracking plans ‘U.S. and EU privacy and consumer groups called on privacy regulators … Continue reading

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The Problem with Facebook Activism

The Perils of “Slacktivism” ‘Many of us have fallen victim to it: changing our profile picture to those white equals signs atop a red background because someone said that it meant you support marriage equality, sharing the now-infamous #Kony2012 video … Continue reading

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100 Millionth Philippine Baby Welcome?

Why do that? It seems this child will be another one who will grow on the streets a victim of irresponsibility which Filipino parents are famous for ‘“The Commission on Population is today looking at the 100 babies, to be … Continue reading

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Tweeters Cause Firing of Buzzfeed Editor

BuzzFeed Fires Editor After Twitter Users Unearth Plagiarized Articles ‘News website BuzzFeed, reportedly valued at $1 billion, has fired one its high-profile writers over plagiarism. ‘Following a review of his work, Benny Johnson, the site’s viral politics editors, has been … Continue reading

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Robber Caught in Call of Duty Game (not Facebook at last!)

Attack was Heard over Call of Duty Online Game ‘During the robbery, Georgiou, who was wearing a crash helmet, hit one of the men over the head with an imitation handgun, while the second grabbed a knife from the kitchen. … Continue reading

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