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Ever Heard of a Double Hero?

Man Saves Neighbor— on Way to Get War Honor James Yates rescues woman from pinned car before ceremony at football game ‘Yates lives every day on pain pills because of damage to his spinal cord. He received a Purple Heart … Continue reading

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Canada ‘Admits’ Dumping Garbage in Philippines

But Anna Marie Kapunan has good news ‘…Yesterday, we were met by Political Counselor James Christoff to keep us posted on the recent updates from Canadian Embassy. We were assured that the Canadian Embassy is looking into possible solutions to … Continue reading

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Americans Now Obligated to Pay for Parent’s Debts

Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts ‘Across the nation, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who are expecting refunds this month are instead getting letters like the one Grice got, informing them that because of a debt … Continue reading

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Avoid Being Attacked in G Glass

Another Google Glass Wearer Attacked in San Francisco If this incident was a random mugging attempt, or yet another signal highlighting the growing tensions between San Francisco’s tech haves and have-nots, then the solution is simple: Do not wear (flaunt) … Continue reading

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Why We Should Celebrate When Stumped

You’ll find this hard to believe if you’re hyperactive like me Signs You’re About to Make a Creative Leap ‘How do great discoveries come about? American physicist and author of the international bestseller Einstein’s Dreams, and a professor of the … Continue reading

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