Your Own Virtual office

Do you use or plan to use a VPN service? ProXPN will save you money or give you better service. ProXPN has been written up in Fox News, Cnet, LifeHacker, BBC, PC World, ZDNet and recently, Steve Gibson of TWiT gave us a glowing endorsement.

Watch this video

I’ve hit them up and they have given me the coupon code POCHSP and said that I can share it.

It will give you 20% off your account for life.

Do you want to start an online business but can’t afford a real office? Having your own virtual office (VO) before buying a real office would be a wise move. It would be like advertising your business before it has an office. I created this one just for the sake of sampling so don’t expect to find running ads or live products in it yet. I will add a product or an advertisement here later. YourOwnVirtualOffice

Though I might be better at writing your articles. Hire me and I will create one of your own. Just give me the details of your product and I will create a VO for it. If you approve my draft of your VO, we will continue discussions or you can even ask me questions right now.

My business is creating your business


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