Every Cardiac Patient Needs a Virtual Heart

spectrum.ieee-f7034b03-0912-44b9-8455-bf3e0b08d994-1412041795299Custom Cardiology: A Virtual Heart for Every Patient
A very good investment if you can afford it
‘A poet might say that each human being’s heart is a unique mystery. Those of us working in the brand new field of computational medicine, however, can now model each of those unique hearts with marvelous accuracy and reveal their secrets. In my laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, my team creates computer models to simulate individual patients’ hearts, which can help cardiologists carry out life-saving treatments. Such models may soon transform medicine, ushering in a new kind of personalized health care with radically improved outcomes…’

One Of The Easiest Ways To Shift Your Workplace Into A Standing One
‘Sitting at a desk and being inactive for long periods of time is bad for you, both in terms of health and productivity. Study after study shows it and yet there’s not much left for the office worker to do about it. Unless you’re working for a hip startup, you’re unlikely to find standing desks at your workplace. At the same time makeshift contraptions such as a stack of binders on top of your desk might not be the most elegant or appropriate solution.

‘StorkStand claims to be “the most affordable standing desk” on the market, and indeed, compared to the prices of most standing desks that usually run north of $1,000, StorkStand’s $199 might sound really good. Compared to Ikea’s latest standing desk offering, which starts at $489.99 and is also easily adjustable from sitting to a standing position, the price tag might not seem as inviting. Still, the best advantage of StorkStand is its mobility. For those who have flexible working locations it can provide a sure way to keep up with their standing-while-working routines…’

Publisher? Give Readers What Facebook Can’t
‘The New York Times seems to have finally awoken to the idea that Facebook exerts a growing amount of control over how millions of people get their news, and that it would very much like to increase that control as much as possible — in order to serve the best interests of its users, of course. This is something that I have been writing about for some time now, and it is not going away. If anything, the pressure on media companies to play ball with Facebook is only growing more intense.

‘As David Carr and Ravi Somaya note in their pieces, the structure of the media business has changed dramatically thanks to the rise of the social web — of which Facebook is by far the largest part. Where media companies used to control the distribution of their content because they owned the printing presses and the trucks, now entities like Facebook control who sees what and when…’

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Ground Your Plane by Renaming a WiFi Hotspot

techarta-unsecure-wifi‘Authorities detained a passenger aboard a Southwest flight that landed at Seattle-Tacoma Airport yesterday on its way to Denver, after reports that he created a bunch of creepy names for his in-flight WiFi hotspot, naming it “Southwest – Bomb on Board” and making comments about the attractiveness of flight attendants, among other things.

‘According to ABC News, passengers started to worry when they realized the weird names popping up during the flight.

‘Whether or not he was just goofing off like an insensitive jerk — especially in light of the fact that the flight was on Sept. 11, as the passenger pointed out added an extra layer of concern — authorities ordered the plane to a side tarmac, surrounded the plane and took the man into custody…’

How to correct a social media blunder
‘Trained intelligent staff, curated content, and targeted audiences: what could go wrong? Carelessness.

‘Or take the social media admin that accidentally posted a message from a corporate account instead of a personal one. It’s more common than you think! One example is the Chrysler employee who tweeted a frustrated negative comment about Detroit.

‘Humans are prone to errors and technology is not infallible. However, a social media mistake will not be the end; the sun will rise again and business will proceed.

‘To avoid any long-standing damage to the brand and reverse any drops in community size, here are the steps you need to take to minimize the fall-out…’

Horrible Social Media Misfires
‘Just in time for Halloween, here are 12 scary, shocking, horrifying and just plain horrible social media misfires from the past year. We’re talking big brands — DiGiorno Pizza, J. P. Morgan, US Airways — making even bigger mistakes or, for one reason or another, catching beatings on social media sites.

‘To build our house of social media horrors, we asked the digital marketing community for input. We asked about the social media faux pas they remember most vividly, and the lessons we can learn from the blunders. We also found a few examples in blogs and articles…’

Introducing District Voices
‘To preface the highly anticipated release of Mockingjay: Part 1, we created District Voices, a series of propaganda videos for CAPITOL TV, the official channel of the fictional Capitol of Panem. In each episode, one of YouTube’s popular content creators explains the expertise of their district, giving viewers a peek into an expanded backstory for this enigmatic world. District Voices lets fans experience life in Panem, the fictional nation in which the stories take place, and gives them the chance to see their favorite YouTube creators shine…’

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Making a Long-term Decision? Go Hungry First

gladstonesclinic-Gambling-AddictionDo you eat a heavy meal first before taking a bath? I think that’s bad for the stomach and wastes time too. Anyway, that’s only a minor decision and we’re talking now of more important decisions
Hungry people might make better long-term decisions, researchers say

‘According to conventional wisdom, people in an agitated emotional state tend to make bad, impulsive decisions. Fear and anger often lead us to take actions we later regret.

‘A research team led by Utrecht University psychologist Denise de Ridder suggests these thinkers are on to something—at least when the unpleasant feelings are those created by a growling stomach. In a just-published paper, it reports that, when faced with complex situations involving delayed gratification, hungry people make smarter choices…’

An extraordinary story of an epic art fraud
Margaret Keane painted ‘big eyes’ works, but husband took credit

This was surprising to me because our Japanese art director told one artist that Japanese designers like to depict animation characters with big eyes because it was their subconscious wish for their eyes

‘The centre of Walter’s universe in the mid-1950s was a San Francisco beatnik club, The Hungry i. While comedians such as Lenny Bruce and Bill Cosby performed onstage, out at the front, Walter sold his big-eyed-children paintings. One night Margaret decided to go to the club with him.

‘“He had me sitting in a corner,” she tells me, “and he was over there, talking, selling paintings, when somebody walked over to me and said: ‘Do you paint too?’ And I suddenly thought – just horrible shock – ‘Is he taking credit for my paintings?’”

‘He was. He had been telling his patrons a giant lie. Margaret was the painter of the big eyes – every one of them. Walter might well have seen sad children in postwar Berlin, but he hadn’t painted them, because he couldn’t paint to save his life…’

Davao City Philippines Ranked 7th among the World’s Best Cities to live and work in remotely
Davao is a peaceful place because it’s Mayor Duterte is a ‘dictator’ (link below)

‘Davao City, already ranked as among the Top 10 Most Livable cities in the world because of unequalled peace and security, has been rated No. 7 among the best cities in the world to work in remotely.

‘Nomad’s List, a website which rates cities all over the world based on how ideal they are as working areas, placed Thailand’s Chiang Mai City on top of the list followed by Prague in the Czech Republic.

‘Davao City came in No. 7, earning the distinction of being the only city in the Philippines to be included in the Top 10 in contrast to Thailand which has two – Chiang Mai and Bangkok…’

The Philippines’ real-life Punisher

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Activist pulls over police officer, gives him warning

article.wnGavin Seim is now being tagged as ‘bravest man’. But I don’t agree that he is. There are citizens who confront officers while they’re making illegal arrests. That is much braver.
‘It’s very off the cuff. I had about 60 seconds from the moment I thought “NOW is the time to address this” and flagged the officer over, to the moment I was engaging him.

‘Email Sheriff Tom Jones (tjones@co.grant.wa.us) and ask him to get Grant County and it’s subordinate agencies in compliance with the law.

‘In Washington we have unmarked police vehicles impersonating citizens. If you think it’s not a serious issue, try asking those that have been raped or lost loves ones because of unmarked cars. It’s already illegal in WA for public vehicles to be unmarked, unless designated for “special undercover or confidential investigative purposes.” I’ll post the legal details and debunk the myths at the bottom. It’s also worth noting that this was not the first the Grant County Sheriff’s office heard about this. I called about a month ago and filed an official report addressing my concern with unmarked cars in the area…’

Tour guide rants “F**k Chinatown” [Video]
‘“[Expletive] your pre-schools … making all that noise at 6 a.m. … [Expletive] your salons … [expletive] your seafood markets, with your little turtles and frogs inside — OK? Here in America, we don’t eat turtles and frogs,” the guide says on her last day at work, as perplexed tourists on the bus look on.

‘Christian Watts, CEO of City Sightseeing San Francisco, apologized Thursday for the behavior of the company’s now-former employee.

‘”Comments made by this former employee on her last day of employment are absolutely not a representation of how much we love and support Chinatown, and every other community in San Francisco,” Watts said in a statement, adding that the company was adding additional training to ensure “each tour is up to our rigorous standard.”…’

Death of Garfield mystery solved!
‘On Saturday, I posted about the strange, dark week of despair dropped on the world by Garfield in a 1989 series of newspaper strips. Did Garfield die? Or was he just in the midst of a serious existential crisis? After all these years, the mystery has been solved. This week, BB reader Kevin Skinner happened to have the opportunity to ask the comic’s creator, Jim Davis, about the so-called “Death of Garfield” series. From Kevin’s email to me:

‘…Garfield is NOT dead, nor is he starving to death (Jim actually laughed loudly when I suggested these theories). It was simply a week before Halloween and Jim wanted to do something legitimately scary, as opposed to Halloween-scary. “Ghosts aren’t scary…” he told me before explaining that before writing the strips he went around to everyone he knew and asked them what truly scared them. The answer he got most often was “being alone” or “dying alone”. Just that simple…’

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Doctors, Hospitals Robbing Patients With New Charges

nytimes-JP-DOCFEES1-blog427‘Leo Boudreau of Massachusetts was thrilled to find a psychologist in his insurance network to treat his teenage daughter for emotional stress related to a medical condition. The therapist worked out of a local hospital.

‘But he was surprised when the bill for each visit contained two charges: the approximately $100 he expected to see for the therapist — and a similar fee for the room, which was not covered.

‘“How could it be that the doctor was in network and the hospital was in network, but I had to pay separately for the room?” Mr. Boudreau said…’

Why you shouldn’t smoke while driving
Guy Runs Over Own Head After Dropping Cigarette. Imagine if he was already cruising the streets when his cig dropped
‘A man was runover by his own van in Aurora Sunday when he dropped a lit cigarette into his jacket and jumped out of the moving vehicle.

‘The man was backing out of a driveway and was knocked down and the van rolled over his head, Aurora police said.

‘Police haven’t identified the driver, who is in critical condition. He is expected to survive, police said in a release.

‘The van was in reverse gear when it knocked him down at about 6:37 a.m., and the front driver’s side tire rolled over his head. The accident happened in the 15900 block of East Nassau Dr…’

First female commander of US Naval Command is from Phillippines
‘…The first woman to assume the position of Commander Joint Region Marianas, Bolivar also holds the distinction of being the first female commander of Navy Region Northwest. She is also the first woman to hold a number of other important positions. She is the US Defense Representative for Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau, and Commander of Naval Forces Marianas. Bolivar’s area of responsibility includes the US territory of Guam, which is the closest US naval base to Philippines. Her command plays a pivotal role in shaping US policy in the Asia Pacific region, particularly in the face of President’s Obama’s “pivot” to the Asia Pacific…’

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A New Way to Save Yourself from Violence

mirror.co-indexThe victim was lucky the 911 dispatcher has sixth sense
Domestic abuse victim calls 911 for ‘pizza’, gets help from intuitive 911 dispatcher
‘The emergency services worker, who posted the transcript on Reddit, said the call ‘started out pretty dumb, but was actually pretty serious’.

‘After dialling 911 and being asked by the operator for the address of the emergency, the woman gave her address, withholding any details of the incident.

‘When asked by the operator what was happening at the scene, the victim placed her pizza order, leading the baffled worker to believe they had a prank caller on the line…’
The transcript said

Girl Who Was Called ‘Ugly’ After Donating Hair To Cancer Patients Gets Major Support From Internet
‘After the 10-year-old Ohio girl cut and donated 14 inches of her hair to Wigs for Kids, an organization that supports children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments, she started being bullied at school, her mom told WHIO News in Dayton.

‘”She wanted it shorter, so we went back and they cut it shorter, and I think that’s when things got worse,” Heidi Fosberg, Jetta’s mom, told the news source, noting other students would tease her daughter “about wanting to be a boy” and saying she was “ugly.”

‘When Fosberg approached the school principal, however, she claimed he told her that “he didn’t know of any child that had ever died from words,” and that she and her daughter “needed to toughen up and deal with it.”

‘In hopes of finding support for her daughter online, Fosberg created “Stand With Jetta,” an anti-bullying Facebook page to make Jetta feel better after dealing with the harassment…’

“Surveillance Self-Defense” Is A How-To Guide For Every Level Of Online Privacy
‘The EFF‘s new project called Surveillance Self-Defense is a collection of tools and resources broken down into specific resource “playlists” for both computer types and the people using them. These include: Mac user, human rights defender, student journalist, online security veteran, and a security starter pack for newbies.

‘Each playlist includes a step-by-step guide for protecting and securing your private communications. Most start with an introduction to threat modeling, or understanding what information you want to protect and from whom. From there, the guides cover various other tools and services for particular situations, like “Things To Consider When Crossing The U.S. Border,” in the human rights defender playlist…’

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