Citizen’s Arrest for Child Abuser in M. Manila

greatmiddleway-i-child-abuseMom beats child in public, gets arrested by citizens in Caloocan City, Philippines
Citizen’s arrests are very rare in Manila. In fact, this is the first case I heard about

‘According to reports, the woman dragged her on her hair and slapped her daughter many times at the side of a street and in front of a shop in the area. The beating was captured on a close circuit camera installed in the barangay.

‘A male staff of the shop went out of the business establishment to confront the mother and told her that what she is doing to the child is a crime. The woman apparently replied she knew that and then she moved away with her daughter.

‘However, in a report made by ABS-CBN reporter Jasmin Romero, the woman continued beating her daughter as they walked on which caught the attention of some residents. Seeing that the woman was hurting the child repeatedly, the residents moved to arrest the mother and brought her to the barangay hall…’

Mom Arrested After Letting Son, 7, Walk to Park
While US citizens rarely personally meddle with other families, the government is very strict about child neglect, not to mention abuse. But the case here was a probably a false flag. The case against the mother is very likely to be dropped

‘A mother faces a charge of child neglect after she allowed her son to go to a local park alone. She says he’s old enough but Port St. Lucie Police disagree. Now she’s fighting back.

‘”I’m totally dumbfounded by this whole situation,” said the mother, Nicole Gainey.

‘It began last Saturday afternoon when Gainey gave her son Dominic permission to walk from their house to Sportsman’s Park .

‘”Honestly didn’t think I was doing anything wrong,” says Gainey, “I was letting him go play…’
And she was probably right

Pair Reports Kid in Hot Car, Mom Runs Them Over
Kristina Riddell faces hit-and-run and child abuse charges
‘A concerned couple calls police about a young boy left in a hot car.

‘But when the cops arrived, it’s the good Samaritans who needed an ambulance.

‘The boy’s mother is charged with running over the couple who called 911 on her.

‘Now, Shannon Dominguez, 43, is confined to a wheelchair. Doctors say she may never walk the same again.

‘“Every day is a chore. Every day is stressful,” says Dominguez…’

Teen Invents Way to Prevent Hot Car Deaths
And it’s a shame a teenage girl would be the inventor
People keep leaving children in hot cars. This teen thinks her invention can help.
System tracks parents as they leave the vehicle

‘The 18th hot car death of the year was recorded Thursday — on the same day that a national public service campaign kicked off to warn parents about the dangers of leaving kids in hot cars. In the latest awful incident, a 10-month-old girl died in Wichita, Kan., after being left in a vehicle that was parked outside her foster parents’ house. One New Mexico teenager’s invention might someday prevent such deaths.

‘Alissa Chavez, a 17-year-old from Albuquerque, said she has designed a car-seat alarm system called “Hot Seat” that might prevent people from accidentally leaving young children in cars. She’s now trying to raise money to build a prototype…’

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Pop-Up Shops rented store could sell clothes one day and food the next

‘Fast-rising mobile technology is making buying stuff with a tap of an app easier than ever, and shifting the way we shop. What were once permanent, brick-and-mortar stores, where shoppers look at items in a physical space, are now often pop-ups first — shops that last for a limited time only.

‘Pop-up shops are temporary retail spaces that spring up in unused premises. Leases can last as short as a single day, when brands use the spaces for a promotional event instead of testing out a market…’

A fast-rising new cab hailing app
While Uber and Lyft are under attack, Easy Taxi rises
Cab hailing app Easy Taxi raises $40M so you catch a ride in more places around the world

‘The Berlin-based company launched in 2011 out of tech incubator Rocket Internet, known for creating clones of successful tech products. Easy Taxi is one of the main go-to apps for people in search of a quick ride in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

‘The company has roughly 185,000 drivers in its network and operates in more than 160 cities worldwide.

‘The company has raised $77 million to date, according to CrunchBase. Russian Phenomen Ventures led this round, with participation from Tengelmann Ventures, the investment arm of German retailer Tengelmann Group. The money will be used to help Easy Taxi capture an even larger share of the market in Latin America and Asia.

The company would be wise to stay out of the U.S., though, where the market is brimming with competition from mobile taxi reservation and ride sharing services like Uber, Hailo, Lyft, and SideCar among others…’

A perfect gift for the blind
A smart footwear instead of a cane
Vibrating Footwear Lets Visually Impaired ‘Feel’ Directions

‘Lechal’s footwear can guide the visually impaired through gentle vibrations, helping them to better navigate their environment with an intuitive and discrete wearable.

“LECHAL began as an academic project and was born out of the simple impulse to use technology to help the visually-impaired navigate their worlds better,” Sonia Benjamin, General Manager of the company, tells PSFK.

‘They are a major improvement upon standard assistive devices which communicate with the user through audio feedback. As the visually impaired depend heavily upon their sense of hearing, this can be very confusing.

‘Instead of using audio, LECHAL footwear interacts with users through haptics, a type of technology that recreates the sensation of touch. Wearers don’t need to listen to a spoken guide, as they can “feel” the directions through the shoes’ vibrations…’

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jasonverwey-book-burningBaby Burned Because of Blasphemous Photo on Facebook

And we thought the attempted murder of Malala was the worst

Pakistani woman and girls killed over ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post

‘A Pakistani mob killed a woman member of a religious sect and two of her granddaughters after a sect member was accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook, police said Monday, the latest instance of growing violence against minorities.

‘The dead, including a seven-year-old girl and her baby sister, were Ahmadis, who consider themselves Muslim but believe in a prophet after Mohammed. A 1984 Pakistani law declared them non-Muslims and many Pakistanis consider them heretics.

‘Police said the late Sunday violence in the town of Gujranwala, 220 km (140 miles) southeast of the capital, Islamabad, started with an altercation between young men, one of whom was an Ahmadi accused of posting “objectionable material”…’

Another Dictatorial Move
Facebook Makes Messenger Mandatory
Zuckerberg’s being richer than the Google moguls wasn’t enough for him

‘Facebook’s plan to monetize Messenger through payments just got one step closer to reality. Now users who want to keep messaging their Facebook friends will be forced to download the standalone Messenger app.

‘In the next few days, Facebook will fade out the messaging option from its main iPhone and Android apps. Now users worldwide will experience what European Facebook users underwent in April, where Facebook first tested a standalone app for messaging.

‘The social network hasn’t exactly been subtle about its plans to monetize the messaging function. In June, the company snagged PayPal President David Marcus to oversee Messenger, and clearly expected Marcus to use his payments expertise…’

How LinkedIn Finally Stopped The Stalkers
‘When a San Francisco-based tech recruiter—we’ll call her “Sally,” a pseudonym—filed a restraining order against an ex-boyfriend, the court documents listed Facebook, Pinterest, and even Etsy as no-go zones for him. But it was LinkedIn that Sally was worried about.

‘“He started following what I was doing on LinkedIn,” Sally told me. “Who I was connecting with. He was trying to track what I was doing professionally. Every day I was seeing his face on my profile.”

‘LinkedIn’s basic features for connecting people became ways for Sally’s stalker to remind her of his presence.

‘”He started referring people to me, and connecting to people I was connecting with,” she said.

‘Sally had no way of stopping him, short of a court order. Neither did any of LinkedIn’s 300 million members, until LinkedIn finally rolled out a block feature in February of this year…’

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New Editing and Media Updates Are Here

Originally posted on News:

As many of you know, we periodically release new features and updates to the software that powers sites. We’re excited to share the freshest crop of improvements with you today, and hope they’ll make great content even easier to create.

Some of the highlights of this major update:

  • The Media Library’s look has been upgraded, and your files are now displayed, by default, in an easy-to-view grid. Still prefer the old list view? You can toggle back and forth as many times as you wish.
  • Composing new posts — and editing old ones — has just become a lot easier with a fixed toolbar. You no longer need to scroll up and down the Post Editor to make changes, which makes longform writing, in particular, especially smoother.
  • Improved audio playlists let you enter artist and album information, which will be displayed in the audio player in the published post.

A sleeker…

View original 347 more words

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Facebook Dumbly Thinks It’s as Big as Google Dumbly Thinks It’s as Big as Google
It will do the way Google tracks us
Privacy groups call for action to stop Facebook’s off site user tracking plans

‘U.S. and EU privacy and consumer groups called on privacy regulators to stop Facebook’s plans to gather the Internet browsing patterns of its users while they visit other sites.

‘The groups, gathered in the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) asked the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) to stop Facebook collecting the web browsing activities of Internet users in order to target advertising. They made the request in a letter sent to the authorities on Tuesday. Facebook’s European headquarters is in Ireland, giving the Irish data protection commissioner responsibility for defending its European users’ personal data and privacy rights under EU law.

‘The privacy groups expressed “deep alarm” about Facebook’s June announcement that it would start tracking information from some of the websites and apps its users are visiting in order to serve more relevant ads…’

Email STILL More Effective Than Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing [STUDY]
eMail is dead!? Eat this: it’s going from strength-to-strength

‘In their Q2 2014 digital tactics report, Gigaom found that 86% of US digital marketers used email marketing regularly, and more than half (56 percent) of respondents said that email was their most effective digital strategy for customer retention.

‘This compared to 37 percent who cited social media, 32 percent who rated content marketing and just 13 percent for search engine optimisation (SEO). Paid search was deemed most effective by just 4 percent of marketers…’

7 Things LinkedIn Could Change
‘You didn’t really think sending the recruiter at your dream company a Facebook message would work, right?

‘That’s why you have LinkedIn, the definitive online platform for networking and finding new career opportunities. The website has effectively cornered the market on adapting social networking to the professional space, but it can use a few upgrades to make the most of its unique place in the virtual world.

‘While one of its most frustrating defaults — allowing other people to see that you’ve visited their profiles — is easily fixed, there are still a few things the company can do to streamline the experience for the average user.

‘Here are seven things we change about LinkedIn to make the networking platform work even better…’

7 things

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The Problem with Facebook Activism

Facebook's Secret Message to Me

Facebook’s Secret Message to Me (Photo credit: boltron-)

The Perils of “Slacktivism”
‘Many of us have fallen victim to it: changing our profile picture to those white equals signs atop a red background because someone said that it meant you support marriage equality, sharing the now-infamous #Kony2012 video that no one ever watched in full, or reposting the Huffington Post article only because the title was too witty and relevant not to.

‘From warring perspectives on the conflict in Gaza to the now strangely dated hashtag #bringbackourgirls, the viral social issue of the hour floods Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with content that looks, on the outside, like deeply felt social activism. But for all the pathos running rampant over news feeds and blogging sites, there is little depth to speak of, and virtually no change afoot in the real world. “Slacktivism” online is exactly as deep as the paper-thin knowledge and commitment that fuels it…’

Examples of Questionable Extremism

I’m an avid activist too but I never advocate murder in activism

‘There is a frightening, hateful turn of events taking place right now that anyone involved in the GMO issue, or the vaccine issue, or the climate change issue, or any risk controversy, needs to know about.

‘Yesterday Adams posted a piece (not his first) suggesting that anyone who says anything uncritical or open minded about Monsanto, or biotechnology/GMOs, is the essentially the same as a Nazi collaborator, using science as a justification for genocide.

‘Biotech genocide, Monsanto collaborators and the Nazi legacy of ‘science’ as justification for murder

‘which included this generic but quite clear death threat!

‘“…it is the moral right — and even the obligation — of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity.”

‘Several people, principally Keith Kloor in his blog at Discover Magazine, called Adams out on this extremism…’
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Flight MH17: What You’re Not Being Told
‘Within minutes of the crash of MH17, the U.S. government and the Western media pinned the responsibility Russia, long before investigators had time to even arrive at the scene, much less provide any actual conclusions.

‘The geopolitical implications of this event are immense. Depending on how much mileage Washington can get out of it, the downing of flight MH17 could end up being pivotal. Anyone who knows their history, knows that media coverage of events like these often lay the psychological groundwork for war.

‘So who was REALLY responsible for the downing of flight MH17? First let’s start by asking some obvious questions. Why was flight MH17 routed over directly over a War Zone? This was not its normal flight path. In fact, it was 300 miles off course. Normally, planes this flight path is significantly further south. The decision to allow MH17 to fly over Donetsk was the decision of the authorities in Kiev…’
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100 Millionth Philippine Baby Welcome?

Bet that most of these infants will grow up on the streets

Bet that most of these infants will grow up on the streets

Why do that? It seems this child will be another one who will grow on the streets a victim of irresponsibility which Filipino parents are famous for
‘“The Commission on Population is today looking at the 100 babies, to be recognized in 100 communities, 19 cities and 81 provinces, who were born at 12:06 this morning or closest to that time,” POPCOM Executive Director Dr. Juan Antonio A. Perez III said. “They will be provided with support to give them a good start.

‘Using the 2010 population projections by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), POPCOM believes, the turning of the Philippine population into 100 million brings both challenges and opportunities for the country “as its socio-economic and political situation grapple to give the citizenry a better quality of life.”…’

npr blogs

Adults Getting Aware of Food Wastage (Hopefully)
Adults eat 92% of whatever they put on the plate, study finds
‘Seems that most of us take to heart the common admonition to clean our plates, at least when we fill them ourselves.

‘Adults eat nearly 92% of the food they put on their plates, according to research published in the International Journal of Obesity.

‘There were some variations: If people were distracted, they ate less, almost 89% of what they took; they ate 92.8% of meals but only 76.1% of snacks. At home or in a lab, the amount eaten was about the same, and men and women ate the same percentages…’

Just another one
3-year-old driver crashes Jeep, runs home to watch cartoons
‘A 3-year-old boy is accused of climbing into a Jeep, knocking it out of gear, crashing into a nearby house and then running home to watch cartoons. An officer noticed a small boy in a Jeep Wrangler by himself on the 300 block of Northwest Second Street in Myrtle Creek at 7 p.m. Tuesday. After about five minutes and not seeing any adults, the officer approached the child and asked about his parents. The boy said his parents weren’t home, but another relative was asleep in the house, according to a Myrtle Creek police report. Police contacted the relative, identified as 22-year-old Brennan Pennington, and alerted her to the fact that the child had the keys in the Jeep and was able to get inside the vehicle…’

Another one for citizen detectives
Missing Girl’s Return Cloaked in Mystery
‘The most urgent matter, of course, is resolved — Abigail has returned to her family in Conway, N.H. But now a new phase begins in the investigation, as law enforcement officials try to determine where she was, whom she was with, why she vanished, and how she got back.

‘So far, authorities have said that on Sunday night, when Abigail returned, she wore what appear to be the same clothes she had on when she went missing Oct. 9. Officials have also released a sketch of the person they believe drove her away in a pickup truck that day, and say they are reviewing surveillance footage.

‘As the details continue to trickle in, here’s a look at what is known about the case so far…’

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