Things You Should Know About Divorce in the US

huffingtonpost-divorceWhy the American Family-Court System is Broken
The Fourth Most Common Cause of Bankruptcy in the US
‘In this ReasonTV interview, filmmaker Joe Sorge, director of the new documentary, ‘Divorce Corp,’ argues that because the legal code to get a divorce is so complex, nearly all respective parties have to hire expensive lawyers and pay legal fees that make the average non-contested divorce cost between $10,000 and $20,000. A contested divorce can run well over $50,000.

‘”It’s the fourth most common cause of bankruptcy in the United States,” says Sorge. In the past 40 years, the amount of divorce lawyers has exploded by 2000% in the State of California, alone…’
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8-Year-Old Boy Faces Felony Charges After Tantrum!?
An 8-year-old Michigan boy faces felony charges following an outburst in the back of a police car
‘Edward Hart, 8, attends a special needs school. His stepfather, Robert Bluhm, says that staff at Hillside Learning and Behavior Center know about his son’s anger issues. He told reporters that he was shocked at the way educators handled the situation when his son ran away from the school on March 19.

‘”He has anger issues. They know this, and they’re going to throw him in the back of a cop car all by himself?” Bluhm told Fox affiliate WXMI. “If they had him under control, why didn’t they ride with him in the back of this cop car?”…’

Tweets Reveal Mexicans’ Emotional Numbness
It’s not surprising if the drug wars in Mexico could make anyone apathetic. Everyone loses emotionally
‘A team of researchers seeking to better understand the mental state of Mexicans exposed to the ongoing conflict has turned to social media as an end run around the country’s embattled mainstream media. Their findings indicate a growing level of desensitization to the violence among a certain segment of the population, in this case users of the microblogging service Twitter.

‘Mexicans who wanted to report their experiences initially turned to social media to circumvent a state-imposed media blackout designed to mask the country’s problems to the rest of the world, says Andrés Monroy-Hernández, a researcher in Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs. “I found I was getting more information from Twitter about what was really happening than I was from newspapers and TV news,” he adds…’

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Police Bombs Could Have Hurt Any Alaskan

Taken on a nice day in early May 2008 at Ted S...
Funny but not
Cops Hide Explosives on Car, Lose Track of Car
‘Police at Anchorage’s airport briefly lost track of a small quantity of explosives used for training K-9 units Monday, but were able to recover them hours after a rental-car customer drove away the vehicle they were attached to.

‘According to Jesse Davis, chief of Airport Police and Fire at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, officers routinely conduct controlled exercises during which they hide explosives to help train explosive-sniffing dogs.

‘While other exercise locations have included airport terminals and warehouses, as well as parked aircraft and vehicles belonging to the state motor pool, Davis says Monday’s exercise was carried out in a parking lot full of rental cars…’
ktuu news

Man with Cold Case Since 1957 Appeals
‘…a crime so shocking it captured the attention of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover…’
Why not free McCullough since he could have served his time in 57 years

‘”Nostalgia” and flimsy evidence led to guilty verdicts in the nation’s oldest cold case ever solved, according to the man serving a life sentence for kidnapping and murdering a neighbor’s child in 1957.

‘In his 80-page appeal, former police officer Jack Daniel McCullough says he deserves a new trial because his mother was allowed to accuse him from the grave — while he was kept from proving that he was elsewhere when a 7-year-old girl was abducted and killed.

‘The appellate brief, filed Thursday by the Illinois state appellate defender, noted that nobody saw who grabbed Maria Ridulph from a street corner in Sycamore, Illinois, or witnessed how or where she was killed…’

Beware of your church leaders
33 Years Later, Suspect wanted for murder, found living as church deacon
‘U.S. marshals say an ex-convict wanted in connection with a 1981 Pennsylvania homicide is under arrest after he was found to be living under an alias and serving as a church deacon in Texas.

‘It isn’t clear what led law enforcement agents to a man named Roy Eubanks in Mineola, Texas, or whether he had a lawyer. But in a statement, U.S. marshals say the 78-year-old admitted his real name is Joseph Lewis Miller.

‘Miller is charged with fatally shooting a man in a parking lot next to a Harrisburg, Pa., hotel in January 1981…’

‘Preppy Drug Ring’ Busted in Affluent Philly Suburbs
It was operated by Prep School grads
‘According to officials, 25-year-old Neil Scott and 18-year-old Timothy Brooks were running the operation and grooming others to help distribute their product at high schools and colleges.

‘“Scott and Brooks employed students from five local high schools and three colleges as what they called ‘subdealers’ to distribute cocaine, marijuana, hash oil, (and) Ecstasy,” says Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman, “and they used connections in their community to target dealers who would then carry on their business.”…’

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Asimov’s Astonishing 1964 Predictions

Isaac Asimov

Cover of Isaac Asimov

A closer look at Asimov’s World’s Fair of 2014 reveals that his crystal ball was shockingly clear
“Communications will become sight-sound and you will see as well as hear the person you telephone.” We call that video-conferencing today
‘It is 2014, and we should all be in therapy.

‘At least, that’s according to Isaac Asimov, one of the 20th Century’s best-known science fiction authors, who in 1964 published an essay predicting what our world would look like today.

‘The occasion?
Ford mustang Ford unveiled its Mustang at the 1964 World’s Fair

‘Not a mental breakdown – despite his insistence on the importance of psychiatry in the future – but rather the inaugural World’s Fair in Queens, New York, which opened 50 years ago today…’
Here’s a look at 2014, through the eyes of 1964.

Scientists Edit Mouse DNA
Scientists ‘edit’ DNA to correct adult genes and cure diseases
‘A genetic disease has been cured in living, adult animals for the first time using a revolutionary genome-editing technique that can make the smallest changes to the vast database of the DNA molecule with pinpoint accuracy.

‘Scientists have used the genome-editing technology to cure adult laboratory mice of an inherited liver disease by correcting a single “letter” of the genetic alphabet which had been mutated in a vital gene involved in liver metabolism…’

Why didn’t we think of this before!?
Futuristic Floating Nuclear Reactor Could Withstand Natural Disasters [Video]
MIT might have developed a way to prevent a future Fukushima.
‘To try and prevent another nuclear disaster like the one that occurred in Japan, MIT researchers have come with an idea for a floating nuclear power plant that would be able to use sea water as a way to prevent catastrophic meltdowns. Similar in design to offshore oil rigs, they could be built in a shipyard, and then towed to their destinations five to seven miles offshore.

‘The floating reactors, which would be moored to the seafloor and connected to land by an underwater electric transmission line, operate in almost the exact same way as onshore power plants. Their capacity would be anywhere between 50 to 1,000-megawatts, which is the same size as the largest onshore facility in existence today…’

PayPal doesn’t want you to share your mobile devices
Why we should agree
‘The company advises its users to not leave their computers unattended after logging in with PayPal information and to take extra precautions when sharing devices with another person to ensure the security of account information.

‘The announcement comes amid the discovery of the Heartbleed bug, the effects of which might be around for years. Recently, a study showed that 18 percent of American adults have had their personal information stolen online and 50 percent had concerns about the amount of private information available on the Internet.

‘The changes to the user agreement will take effect June 17. Those who do not wish to agree to PayPal’s changes can opt out and delete their account without penalty…’

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Don’t Torture your Kids with Your Damn Smartphones The Children’s Sake, Put Down That Smartphone
‘…Dr. Jenny Radesky is a pediatrician specializing in child development. When she worked at a clinic in a high-tech savvy Seattle neighborhood, Radesky started noticing how often parents ignored their kids in favor of a mobile device. She remembers a mother placing her phone in the stroller between herself and the baby. “The baby was making faces and smiling at the mom,” Radesky says, “and the mom wasn’t picking up any of it; she was just watching a YouTube video.”

‘Radesky was so concerned she decided to the behavior. After relocating to , she and two other researchers spent one summer observing 55 different groups of parents and young children eating at fast food restaurants…’

Philippine Internet Slowest in ASEAN
Is corruption involved again?
‘An infographic posted by ASEAN DNA shows what most Pinoy netizens already know to be true: Internet speed in the Philippines is the slowest in the whole Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

‘At 3.6 megabytes per second (Mbps), the country lags behind Laos (4.0 Mbps), Indonesia (4.1 Mbps), Myanmar and Brunei (4.9 Mbps), Malaysia (5.5 Mbps) and Cambodia (5.7 Mbps). The report showed that the average internet speed for the ASEAN region is 12.4 Mbps, or roughly four times faster than current Internet speed in the Philippines.

‘In comparison, ASEAN DNA—which describes itself as a site “to promote a better understanding and appreciation of shared values and common characteristics of ASEAN”—showed that Singapore leads the region in terms of fastest Internet speed, reaching up to 61.0 Mbps or more than 1500 percent faster than the Philippine Internet…’

KKK Starts a Neighborhood Watch
‘A local chapter of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan launched a neighborhood watch in the area of Ridge Road in Fairview Township in response to a recent rash of break-ins, said Frank Ancona, the organization’s imperial wizard and president.

‘Leadership of a local Traditional American Knights chapter contacted the organization’s headquarters in Park Hills, Mo., to find out whether the national organization would sponsor the crime watch, and Ancona said he gave the midstate “klavern” his blessing.

‘“It’s just like any neighborhood watch program. It’s not targeting any specific ethnicity. We would report anything we see to law enforcement,” Ancona said…’

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All About the Philippine Jeepney

From WWII Surplus Vehicle to Cultural Icon

joshua bousel-tourist-jeepney-800x532This one is private and designed for tourists. The public jeep seats are sideways and a bit uncomfortable.

‘Converted from leftover American jeeps, painted and adorned, the jeepney is the undisputed ‘King of the Road’ in the past half-century in the Philippines. Check out some creative designs and practical uses of this famous vehicle…’

What unexpected things tourists should expect
1. Some passengers will coerce you and take your seat even when there are other seats
2. Some passengers will seat very close to you even when the jeep is not crowded (most of them are not robbers)
3. Some drivers will try to charge more than normal fare from you
4. Many of the drivers don’t follow traffic rules and will scare you
General tip
Avoid using jeeps if you’re womb is already heavy with pregnancy. Most jeeps have bad shock-absorbers. My sister-in-law suffered premature birth when the jeep she was riding got jarred by a big pothole. The fetus nearly died.

Now for the pleasant story

So you think food supply is secure?
USAID Top Scientist: “For the first time food production will be limited on a global scale”
‘…Holly Deyo discussed the comprehensive problems which were manifesting in 2010 as a global grain reserve crisis. As she stated succinctly:

“If the root cause were a single issue, it might be absorbable or at least less damaging. However, multiple factors are hiking food prices and they are only expected to climb.”

‘And they certainly have, with the Ukraine crisis making matters even worse. Beyond the price increases, however, Dr. Fred Davies is cautioning about the ability to produce enough food for a rising population at any price. He sees the consequences as manifesting in earnest within 40 years:

“Food issues could become as politically destabilizing by 2050 as energy issues are today.”

‘Davies goes on to project that a 70 percent increase in food production will be required to meet rising demand and population…’

Food Politics
Pressure on Cargill and ADM to Dump GMO After China Rejects Corn Imports
‘China is now rejecting GM corn on the basis that its safety is not proven, raising the stakes in a complex East vs. West trade war that has often brought the U.S. economically to its knees.

‘According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. grain industry has suffered blowback from more than 1.45 million metric tons of rejected GM corn and heavy losses. Cargill, for one, attributes a 28% decline in quarterly earnings to the Chinese export setback.

‘The corn giants Cargill, Archer Daniels Midlands their peers at the North American Export Grain Association, are putting blame on biotech and asking for reimbursement and a halt to growing seed varieties not approved in major markets like China. Jacob Bunge wrote in the WSJ:…’

The CEO who said “No” to the NSA
The government jailed him in retaliation
‘In February of 2001, six months before 9/11, the NSA illegally sought (and received) the private data of the customers of phone companies all over the country in a warrantless search program.

‘One CEO, Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio, said “No!”

‘The NSA cancelled its contracts with the company and then in retaliation for his refusal to give in to intimidation filed an entirely bogus insider trading case against him.

Here’s the timeline:

1. Nacchio sells some of his Qwest stock
2. NSA failing in its extortion attempt, cancels Qwest contracts
3. Qwest stock price goes down
4. Government files insider trading charges against Nacchio

‘The judge in the insider trading case refused to have these simple facts entered into evidence and this decent, honorable man spent four and a half years in prison.’
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Will You Join The Virtual Reality World?

English: World Skin - Maurice Benayoun Virtual...

English: World Skin – Maurice Benayoun Virtual Reality Installation – 1997 “A Photo Safari in the Land of War” Français : World Skin – Maurice Benayoun Installation de Réalité Virtuelle – 1997 Un safari photo au pays de la guerre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If there is one thing you should learn besides computer and online safety, it’s about VR (virtual reality)
How VR came back ‘from the dead’

‘By the late 1990s, the hype surrounding consumer VR had all but fizzled out. For a time, it seemed as if consumer-level virtual reality would remain primarily the stuff of movies, comic books and TV.

‘It would take decades and a lot of new technology for that to change.

‘Computer processing power, perhaps the chief engine behind believable VR, doubled many times over since the 1990s…’
And that started the renaissance of VR

‘When scientist and futurist Jaron Lanier cooked up the term “virtual reality” in the 1980s, it was little more than a marketing device.

‘“We were in our early 20s,” Lanier, now 53, recalled. “I thought we were doing the most important thing humanity had ever encountered.” The excitement surrounding this new frontier in human interaction and engagement was palpable.

‘“There was reason to believe,” said Harold Rheingold, who wrote 1991 book Virtual Reality, “that any applications that let people interact with computers or simulations would be very big.”

‘Lanier and VPL did spark a revolution. Virtual reality‘s impact is evident in everything from the AMNH exhibit to automobile design (Ford’s Immersive Vehicle Environment is particularly impressive), surgical simulations and CNN’s guesses at what happened to Malaysian Flight MH370…’
videos and more

Is Science Fiction the Wrong Model for Imagining the Future?
Robinson Meyer thinks so
‘A lot of people might read that line and think: Wow, cool, Google is trying to make the future!

‘But “science fiction” provides but a tiny porthole onto the vast strangeness of the future. When we imagine a “science fiction”-like future, I think we tend to picture completed worlds, flying cars, the shiny, floating towers of midcentury dreams.

‘We tend, in other words, to imagine future technological systems as readymade, holistic products that people will choose to adopt, rather than as the assembled work of countless different actors, which they’ve always really been. The futurist Scott Smith calls these ‘flat-pack futures,’ and they infect “science fictional” thinking.

‘Science fiction, too, can underestimate the importance and role of social change…’

How Tech is exploding all across the UK
‘London certainly is a heavyweight player. Last year, in Tech City alone, more than 15,000 startups launched, which is more than any other area in the country. From a Twilio perspective, London was a natural fit for our first home outside of San Francisco. A vibrant startup ecosystem, the financial market, talent and flexible business conditions were all contributing factors.

‘But it’s important to highlight that the tech industry has exploded all across the UK, and not just in London. In fact, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research’s recent report told us that there are at least 270,000 digital companies across the country…’

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Adult Attention-span Like Child’s Because of Gadgets

dailymail-article-2258877-16CE01FF000005DC-678_468x286When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Online Devices
‘Catherine Steiner-Adair, a clinical and consulting psychologist at Harvard, recently wrote . For her book, Steiner-Adair interviewed more than 1,000 kids from the ages of 4 to 18. She talked to hundreds of teachers and parents.

‘”One of the many things that absolutely knocked my socks off,” she says, “was the consistency with which children — whether they were 4 or 8 or 18 or 24 — talked about feeling exhausted and frustrated and sad or mad trying to get their parents’ attention, competing with computer screens or iPhone screens or any kind of technology, much like in therapy you hear kids talk about sibling rivalry.”…’

Is it Idolatry When You Love a Person More than you Love God?
That’s what conservative Christians believe
Couple Who Never Spent a Night Apart Die Together After 70 years of marriage
‘When Helen Felumlee passed away at the age of 92 Saturday morning, her family knew her husband Kenneth Felumlee, 91, wouldn’t be slow to follow her. The couple couldn’t bear to be apart very long, and Kenneth passed away only 15½ hours after his wife of 70 years.

‘“We knew when one went, the other was going to go,” said daughter Linda Cody. “We wanted them to go together, and they did.”

‘After Kenneth had his leg amputated 2½ years ago because of circulation problems, Helen became his main caretaker, making sure he got everything he needed. She continued this up until three weeks before their deaths, when she became too frail to care for him…’

Activist Blogger Accidentally Kills Avenging ex-Cop
Arkansas ex-cop killed while trying to set anti-corruption blogger’s hot dog cart on fire
‘A former police officer died while trying to set ablaze a food cart belonging to a blogger who exposed crooked cops and other corrupt city officials. reported Friday that former Little Rock Police Officer Todd Payne died when blogger Ean Bordeaux (pictured above) tackled him as Payne tried to flee the scene of the attempted arson.

‘Bordeaux is the proprietor of the Corruption Sucks blog, a webpage dedicated to exposing corruption in the Little Rock local government and in the state government of Arkansas. At about 4:30 a.m. on Friday, he awoke to find the hot dog cart he operates for a living in flames…’

The CIA/Mafia/Vatican drug alliance
‘”The secrets of Masonry are not that hard to find out….”
The Knights of Malta are very well represented in US intelligence agencies. For the last seven hundred years these two forces have been engaged in non-stop warfare.

‘The Knights of Malta are allies of the Vatican and the Mafia. It’s a complicated world, isn’t it?’
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