Can Your Social Network Prevent Suicide?

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...
‘…the letters sent to Noah became an international phenomenon, part and parcel due to social media. According to the New York Daily News, over 7,000 letters poured in from Japan, Australia and Ireland offering their words of wisdom on how to combat bullying and depression. Since then the “Letters for Noah” Facebook page received over 15,000 likes. A “Letters for Noah” Twitter account was launched as well as a “Letters for Noah” website.

‘Noah Brocklebank’s story sheds light on the power of social media as a force for good and yes, evil. Noah’s means of communication via Instagram nearly killed him but more impressively, it saved him.According to the Daily Mail, Noah posted photos of cuts on his arm on Instagram and scheduled a suicide attempt on February 8, 2013, his thirteenth birthday. Noah’s predicament describes the irony of social media – connected to millions while suffering alone.

‘Noah explains how bullying by his peers compelled him to take such violent action, “I just felt like everything was worthless. My life was terrible. I had no one.”…’

The History of Digital Storage

1890 – The Punch Card

1956 – IBM 350

1972 – Cassette Tape

1976 – Floppy Disc

1980 – Hard Drive

1990 – CD-R

2000 – IBM Flash Drive

2008 – Solid-State Drive

Present – Cloud Storage

see the detailed infographic here

What Are Unnatural Links From a Site?
‘Is Your Website User Friendly or Unnatural?No matter how you spin it, unnatural links are traffic counterfeiters – they’re deceitful, fake, and fail to meet the standards of quality and performance users expect.

‘As a result, stewards of the Internet are taking massive action against poor quality, unnatural links.

‘We’ve covered unnatural links pointing to* a website, but what about unnatural links pointing from a website?

‘It’s important to note that unnatural links don’t necessarily refer to your entire website; rather, unnatural links are pages on your website. Examples of unnatural links pointing from a website include the following…’

Blogger or Publisher?
Most online marketers almost always use the word ‘publisher’ and rarely the word ‘blogger’. So when we sign-up or deal with those marketers, we bloggers are forced to call ourselves ‘publishers’ — which is truth anyway.

My still unanswered question: Does a personal blog remain one when you post marketing articles?


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