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The Sidewalk Vendors of Manila

Imagine that those houses are vendor stalls that occupy the whole sidewalk. Now imagine the small alley houses are tables put by stupid vendors blocking entrance to real shops and stores. That’s how it goes when the Christmas season begins … Continue reading

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Live: Siege at Sydney’s Martin Place [Video]

A summary of the facts we have at the moment: ~The siege began at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place at about 9.44am, when members of the public called police after seeing a man with a gun enter the … Continue reading

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Your Brain Peforms Better While It Slows Down

This verifies yoga meditation again. In scientific term, I’d like to call it biorhythm pacing ‘Best-selling author Steven Kotler recently visited Big Think to discuss the optimization of consciousness through flow states, a key topic in his recently published book, … Continue reading

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The Greatest Salesman in New York City History

Joe Ades is a millionaire but he wasn’t in a typical six-figure income job. He sells $5 potato peelers on a street corner. ‘In the early 90s a man named Joe Ades began showing up in the bar at the … Continue reading

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Help Find a Person Lost in Typhoon Ruby

Google’s person finder database can be added to by the general public. If you have information about a person affected by Typhoon Ruby, please share it here. Korina Sanchez slammed for controversial Typhoon Ruby comment de Castro gave Sanchez a … Continue reading

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Ex Security Service Director ‘Ignored security advice’

Pierson Wanted Secret Service ‘More Like Disney’: Staff ‘…Pierson was elevated to the top spot 18 months ago to put an end to business as usual, after a dozen agents were implicated in a night of carousing with prostitutes in … Continue reading

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