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How to Avoid Digital Crap

How to De-SPAM Your Life ‘Our lives are filled with spam. It has many names and comes in many forms, from email to snail mail to text messages and more. With the help of technology, as well as some clever … Continue reading

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Robot Predicts People Zoo

“I’ll Keep You Warm & Safe in My People Zoo” Watch how this robot spew amazing logical replies. But don’t treat this lightly – there’s strong possibility that what Philip said is meant to be literal ‘Combining knowledge on the … Continue reading

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SideTour Social Network

Sidetour is like a blog where everyone in the world can publish their personal posts. I like to dub it The Worldwide Blog. Discover an Experience – Go do something interesting that you’ve never done before. Host an Experience – … Continue reading

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Robots Invent Their Own Language

It gets scarier. Now robots can do something that only humans and a few other animals can. ‘When robots talk to each other, they’re not generally using language as we think of it, with words to communicate both concrete and … Continue reading

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