Virtual Reality Comes to the Web

scientificamerican-C450602A-A5E6-4C52-BB1A743F254DF52B_articleMaybe for Real This Time

‘A new, more accessible form of virtual reality delivered via the Web promises to let people experience digital worlds in 3-D using head-mounted displays connected to a variety of browser-enabled devices. Web VR is expected to offer the ability to move you from one immersive experience to another with a click of the mouse, touch of the screen or nod of the head. Web VR will let software developers port their virtual worlds to the Web, making them available for most VR hardware…’

Spy Through Frosted Glass with a Single Piece of Scotch Tape
‘Frosted glass windows are meant for privacy, plain and simple. Sometimes you see it used for aesthetic effect, but primarily it’s used to let a little light in while keeping wandering eyes out—unless those wandering eyes have some Scotch tape in their pocket.

‘Yes, a mere piece of transparent tape is all you need to turn blurry images into recognizable shapes. Privacy into peep show. It’s not exactly a secret these days, but if you haven’t seen this classic trick yet, this is how it looks:…’

NYPD police union threatens the mayor
Says cops will take the law into their own hands and there are 35,000 armed NYPD officers.

‘A few days ago their union leader stated that the mayor of New York had “blood on his hands” for the recent shooting of two NYC cops, that there would be “consequences” and that they will from here on be self-directing. In other words, they will do what they want to do, not what they are ordered to do.

‘The problem of a having a tax-payer funded armed force posing as peace officers, a significant percentage of whom are just a step or to away of being thugs themselves, exists in every city in America.

‘What’s going to happen when the society can no longer afford to pay these “heroes” their massive salaries, benefits and pensions for doing what amounts to just a little more than nothing every day? What happened in Iraq after all of Saddam Hussein’s thugs suddenly found themselves unemployed?

‘This is not a joke and it’s alarming that the local media instead of calling out the union chief on his outrageous comments, is amplifying them…’
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The Depressing State of Our Film Industry, But There’s Still Hope to Fix It
‘…most of these films are made just to cash in the already consumerist Holiday season, and by God they are successful, because these films have no competition from foreign ones which would surely knock out our film industry regardless of that foreign films’ quality.’

Even if it was not the Holiday season, the Filipino audience would rather watch cheap, lo-IQ films.

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